Why A Space Heater Is Your Next Best Purchase

space heater in a large room in a home

If you routinely find yourself curled under knitted blankets while binging on your favorite series (still upset Game of Thrones is over?), or slipping into wool socks before bed, it’s probably time to consider buying a space heater. This small household appliance can make a big difference when it comes to creating a warm, happy and healthy home environment and Prevent Cold stress Whilst Working Outdoors.

Besides helping the environment, reducing your energy usage will put more money in your pocket. That is, in case you didn’t have enough reason to do so already, we know how important it is to reduce energy usage in the winter months.

Space heaters can be effective in both small and large spaces – provided you select a model with features suitable to each. If you’ve got a spacious living room, bedroom, basement or converted garage, check out these reviews of space heaters that work well for large spaces.

Big, small, or somewhere in between, your home can benefit from space heater in a number of ways. There are benefits to keeping the room temperature at home warm, and benefits to choosing a space heater as the method to do so.

The temperature of your home relates to the comfort and health of family members and guests who stay with you. After all, who wants to be cold when you don’t have to be?

If you’re investing in a space heater, you want to be able to use something that works efficiently and reliably to get the job done.” While it’s not easy to decide on which of these space heaters work the best for your family, it is important that you have all the information you need before getting one.


Getting cozy under throws and blankets can be great while watching TV or reading a book but it shouldn’t be a necessity. Likewise, it’s nice for you to offer visitors a sweater, but it shouldn’t become customary. Shivering, cold feet and stiff muscles make it harder to relax and enjoy our spaces.

Bringing the air to a warmer temperature creates a more comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone. If you have different people and preferences to please, consider a space heater with multiple heat settings or temperature control.


Constant cold temperatures can do more than chill or feet and stiffen our muscles. While it’s not proven that winter weather causes colds, a link has been shown between cold climates and the immune system’s ability to fight viruses. And some of those viruses thrive in cold conditions.

If you have young children, seniors or asthma sufferers in your home, preventing rooms from becoming cold and dry may be of even greater concern. When looking at space heaters, consider one that also works as a humidifier.

Choosing a space heater to supplement your home heating also saves you money and worry.


Having a portable space heater allows you to add heat only in the rooms where needed. Having a portable space heater with a timer further allows you to heat only the rooms you want when you want. Depending on how and when the rooms of your home are used, you may find you’re able to lower the overall thermostat and reduce your energy bill while still having a nice warm home.


Hopefully you haven’t been relying on your stove for added warmth in the winter, but if you have a space heater is a much safer option. Overheat protection and timer controls are great features that will keep family members and pets safe. No more being out wondering if you left the stove on!

Don’t get left out (or in) the cold this season. For the same price as a fashionable cardigan or organic wool throw, you can invest in a space heater with great features, and enjoy your favourite relaxing activities at home without the extra layers.



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