Online Marijuana Seeds Market – Beginners Introduction to Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

marijuana seeds

Do you love marijuana?

Are you interested in growing your own cannabis plant and harvest buds yourself?


We love all kinds of marijuana enthusiasts!

You will find countless guides on how to grow marijuana, but what people don’t focus on is:

How to buy cannabis seeds online?

In this short guide, we aim to help out all the beginners who would like to buy marijuana seeds but have no or little knowledge about these things.

There are different ways to score cannabis seeds, some of them include buying it from a local dispensary or asking a friend of a friend of a friend if he has some seeds.

But how do you make sure that the cannabis seed that you get are of good quality? Bad quality seeds will give you a tough time when trying to grow them.

What do we suggest to all newcomers?

Buy the marijuana seeds from american seed banks only.

Yes, we are telling you to buy it online but don’t buy it from the first you see on google. You need to research the best online seed banks that offer high-quality marijuana seeds to their customers.

What is the advantage of buying marijuana seeds online?

  • The first and foremost reason buying cannabis seeds online is good is that you would have access to thousands upon thousands of strains.
  • Buying seeds online is generally cheaper than going and buying from a dispensary.
  • We know a lot of you want to grow a marijuana plant without anyone knowing about it. So, wouldn’t it better for you to stealthily receive seeds your doorstep?
  • Going out of the house is such a drag nowadays, right? People want to sit back and relax at their home and do shopping through their screens. Convenience is what a lot of people are after.
  • Another excellent reason for buying cannabis seeds online are the mouth-watering offers and promotions on best online seed banks.

If you just google seed bank, you would see there are a countless amount of seed banks who claim to sell cannabis seeds. But you have to be careful in choosing them.

What are the things you should consider when checking out a new seed bank?

  • Is there a return policy? – A lot of good seed banks offer a money-back guarantee in case your seeds turn out bad. Always buy from these type of seed banks only.
  • Have you heard their name? – the popularity and the fanbase of any online seed bank will indicate about their quality of seeds.
  • Check out the reviews – Make sure you thoroughly check out a lot of their reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot.
  • Do they breed their own seeds? – Most of the seed banks you will see online do not breed their own seeds. They collect seeds from various breeders and then sell them on their site. If you have a preferred breeder, then make sure you buy directly from that breeder to minimize the risk of getting old seeds.

Alright, you know what to look for when checking out new online seed banks.

But wait!

How do you know the cannabis seeds that you received are healthy and fresh?

  • If the seeds that you got are whiteish or greenish in color, then that indicates that they are immature for germination.
  • If you see cracks on the seeds, then obviously the sees are bad. Contact the seed bank and return them asap.
  • Generally, all the healthy cannabis seeds are dark brown in color and have spots or stripes on them.
  • Dead seeds generally buckle under a little stress. Pinch the seed between your thumb and finger and apply a low pressure to see it buckle or not.
  • Healthy shell most of the time have a gleaming coating on the outside.

See, now you are becoming a cannabis seed connoisseur slowly.

Good Job!

Marijuana topic is a rabbit hole, and it will never end. Keep researching and reading about it, and we are sure you will be growing your own marijuana plants in no time at all!

Happy growing!



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