The French Manicure is Back – Here’s How To Rock It

The French Manicure is Back - Here’s How To Rock It

One of the 1990’s biggest beauty trends, the French manicure, is back with a bang. Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian West, Bella Hadid, and Ashley Graham, the classic nail design is back in fashion and quickly earning its place as one of the top nail art trends. But the 2019 French manicure is much more than a white tip and a flesh-toned base.

Less is more 

The thick chunky white edges associated with a French manicure have well and truly been left in the 90s. In their place are thin, barely-there strips of color which give a dainty and minimalistic look. As this design is so simplistic it can be mirrored on the toenails, too. During a mani pedi treatment, a nail technician will take care of both sets of nails and prepare them for your choice of design. If you’re after something that’s long-lasting, then Shellac lasts a minimum of two weeks. Alternatively, if you just want to relax and try out a new design, a standard manicure and pedicure with polish will achieve this.

Mixed colors 

One of the biggest nail trends of Spring was rainbow nails, where every nail was painted in a different color. This trend is now being carried over into the French manicure. Nail artist Taryn Multack, AKA Miss Lady Finger, says that using a different color of the rainbow on each nail tip is a great look. Even if you don’t want to use such bright and bold shades you can mimic the effect with muted grays or soft pinks.

Double dipped

Traditionally, a French manicure consists of a strip of white applied to the end of the nail. But not only is the modern French manicure mixing it up by using alternative colors but it now involves polish being put on both ends of the nail. Dubbed as the ‘double French manicure’, both the free edge and the lunula are being matched to create a French manicure with a twist. If you’re feeling daring, you could even opt for the free edge to be painted in one color and the lunula in another.

It might be unexpected, but the French manicure is back and looks like it will be here to stay. But this time around there’s no need to be stuck with white-nude nails like everyone else as the new French manicure is cool, sassy, and, best of all, colorful.


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