Do You Wear a Belt With Suspenders?

Do you wear a belt with suspenders

Common doubt men have about their fashion sense and that they tend to ask stylists is, “do you wear a belt with suspenders?” To put the answer upfront – it is pretty similar to asking if wearing gloves is important for playing baseball or not!

If you’re hoping to catch a foul ball, one glove is enough, but you’d still want to be cautious. If you’re hitting the strokes, you’d need both the gloves, while if you’re spinning the ball you won’t need any! Belts and suspenders are that tricky and it is all about how you carry it.

Wearing a belt with suspenders will neither make you over-dressed or look miserable. But it is not polished enough to consider or not consider a minor fashion mistake. In reality, there is nothing wrong with the style, but it’s about trends and what suits your body.

For some people, the look comes out as sharp and impressive, while some don’t look good at it. Much of this has got to do with the presentation, accessories, and moderation.

So, do you wear a belt with suspenders?

When you need to consider accessories for men, you have to be more cautious. Everything needs to effortlessly blend and not make it look like overdoing. In reality, it is tough to ruin the entire outfit based on the accessories you wear unless you break the rules given above. The best way to look at this is – does the look draw unwanted attention? Are other people questioning what I’m wearing and why?

You can consider wearing a black belt, with black suspenders, on top of a black shirt and shoes. Even if you don’t wear the belt with suspenders, you will still pull off the classic black. This means there are some subtle colors or looks that just blend with each other. In such looks, people will not think that your accessory is extra.

If you look back at the baseball glove example, you will notice that people always expect one person to have the glove. But they also know that it would look odd to wear two gloves as it will upset the playing routine. This means when you have the right kind of clothing, you’re all set to win your game. But if you go out of tune, it can be a complete faux pas.

Are suspenders intimidating?

If you have never worn suspenders before, these can seem very intimidating. There are chances that you will feel weird. Almost all men feel like that and they’re lying if they disagree. Most men wear belts through their lives before trying something different like suspenders.

It is similar to wearing suits that come out of a closet once in a blue moon. It seems odd at first, but as time passes you find it comfortable. They also make you look confident and add some depth to your look.

There can be people who tell you to not wear a belt with suspenders straight away, but there is always something to takeaway. To wear an outfit in the right way, you need to feel absolutely confident in your skin. If a style doesn’t feel right, it isn’t your kind.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of experimenting but you should be confident. Go ahead to try out something new and see how it works. You won’t look wacky or goofy as long as you don’t try new things or mix and matches different items.

Mistakes to avoid while styling

If you’re still asking, if you do wear a belt with suspenders or not, the following point will clear your doubts. Check out some more fashion tips along with it:

1. Wearing a belt with suspenders

Suspenders help you hold the trouser up and so does your belt. You can always try this look to make sure your shirt-pant look is well-balanced and properly fitted. However, many people don’t like to pair suspenders with a belt. They will do either or neither but not both together.

Many stylists consider it a fashion error as it creates three sides of one square portion covering the middle of your body. It makes your body look rectangular and that isn’t the best for everyone. Only if you find rectangles pretty and you know it will suit your body type, go for it.

2. Wrong pair of socks with trousers

Most men make this avoidable error and don’t realize how wrong it is for years. The temptation of matching shoes with socks is so much that men miss out on the right trousers. Even if your trousers hide your socks entirely, you need to consider how they look together.

You need to match the colors as close as possible because they should look like one and not two different items. You need to match the colors of your trousers and socks. Men who have a large collection of trousers need to equally match their socks. It is time to ditch the typical black or white socks and choose colors that suit the trousers you wear.

3. Popping of collar

This is like two errors in one as they are awful yet related. Shirt colors never look good when popped. The point is to place downward and folded evenly. Don’t even think about placing one down and lifting one up – that is worse.

One more thing you need to watch out for is overlap with lapels when wearing a jacket. The points of the collar must not protrude over the edge of the jacket lapel. If you find little points of the shirt collar poking the edge of your jacket, use smaller collars or jackets with a wider V in front.

4. Mismatching belts with dress shoes

Times when you dress nicely, you might want to match your shoes with the belt. They might not be made of the same leather or any other material, but you shouldn’t do this with black belts and brown shoes or vice versa.

Vibrant or multi-colored belts are out of question for dressy outfits. For a more casual setting, you must look for things made from the same color family for general brightness. The more casual you can get, the more flexible your look becomes. However, mixing brown and black is a huge mistake that most beginner’s make.


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