Fall Cleaning: Don’t Forget Your Windows!

fall cleaning

When fall is approaching it’s time to start pulling out your winter clothes, putting away your summer things and getting your house ready for the cooler weather. There’s plenty to do, inside and out, so be sure to break it all down and make a list of everything that needs to be done. That way you won’t forget anything or skip over it because you forgot it.

Just like spring cleaning, fall cleaning involves wiping away all the dust and accumulated dust bunnies that rolled in during the hot weather. Every season brings with it its own challenges and summer is no exception. When it comes to a close, you need to tidy up after it. There are many ways to keep your house clean and during the transition from summer to fall is a perfect time to put all of them into practice.

The Basics

In addition to cleaning, the three basics you want to make sure you don’t forget are the plumbing, the heat, and the cracks.


This refers to both indoor and outdoor plumbing. Go over your inside plumbing with a fine-tooth comb. Open all the cabinet doors under the sinks and check for any sign of leaks in the pipes. Feel around on the pipes and the cabinet shelves under them Anything wet has to be investigated promptly. If you wait until the middle of winter to discover a major leak in the bathroom or kitchen, having workmen tramping in and out when the thermometer is refusing to climb above the freezing point will require the patience of Job. There are advantages of regular plumbing maintenance at home.

Empty all the hoses outside. Roll them up and store them inside a shed or the garage. Exposure to cold weather isn’t good for them and will shorten their useful lifespan. Before you do though, don’t skip the window cleaning! It’s bad enough cleaning windows in the warm weather, doing it in the middle of winter is 10 times worse. Do it now while you can or hire someone to do it but get it done.

The Heating

Check all the heating ducts and make sure none of them are blocked or full of dust. Do you know that “burning dust” smell that you get the first time the heater kicks in after being off all summer? Avoid it by blowing some air through the ducks. It also helps ensure the ducts aren’t blocked – two birds with one stone.


Worn weather stripping around windows and doors will lead to the loss of heat during the winter. Hot air will seep out of the house while cold air gets in, forcing you to turn up the thermostat just stay warm. You’ll be paying to heat the great outdoors without getting to enjoy any of that heat yourself.

Replace any worn weather stripping and re-caulk any cracks and crevices around the outside. The edges of doors and windows are notorious sources of heat loss during the winter. Go around each of them inch by inch to make sure there aren’t any gaps.

This is where your earlier window washing will serve you in good stead. Dust and caked-on dirt can cover up and obscure tiny cracks. Once the cold weather arrives, escaping hot air will blow that dust out of the cracks and open you up to massive heat loss. Washing the windows with a high-pressure window washer will clear all that away accumulated gunk and give you a head start on getting your house ready for winter.

The Details

Once the basics are taken care of, you can focus on the nitty-gritty details that will finish the job.

Spiders don’t hibernate. If some of them got into your house during the summer, they can survive and have fun all winter long in the warmth and comfort of your home. Don’t let them get away with it.

Go around the house with a long-handled broom and clean all the cobwebs out of the corners and around all the windows. Spiders love to have some sunlight in the winter so make sure you clean the inside of the windows too. Pull back the drapes, raise the blinds, and wash the windows from the inside to ensure you got all those little creepy crawlies.

Relax Around The Fire

Now that your task is done and all the fall cleaning is done, put on your favorite slippers, grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage, and curl up by the fire with a good book.



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