5 Basic Dog Commands That Every Self-Respecting Pooch Should Know

5 Basic Dog Commands That Every Self-Respecting Pooch Should Know

Owning a dog is one of the most joyful experiences of life. After all, dogs offer companionship and are extremely loyal.

Believe it or not, dogs love to learn and want to please you. Teaching your dog to obey commands is easier than you might think. It’s a simple matter of teaching them a few basic dog commands.

This article takes a look at dog obedience training that anyone can use. Keep reading to learn some basic commands that will make both you and your furry friend very happy.

1. Teaching Your Dog to Sit

There are two primary methods for teaching your dog to sit. The first is called capturing, which involves standing in front of your dog while holding a treat. Now give the command to “sit”, while standing back and waiting for her to obey. Once she obeys, give her the treat.

The second method is called luring. This method involves getting down in front of her and slowly raising the treat overhead until her bottom touches the ground. Once her bottom touches the ground, allow her to take the treat.

Keep in mind that both methods will require plenty of repetition before she fulling retains the command.

2. Teaching Your Dog to Stay

The goal with this command is for your dog to remain sitting until you offer the cue for her to “release”.

The key to this part of dog training is to place a treat on the ground, tell your dog to “stay”, and give her a treat. Now continue giving her treats for as long as she remains in place without moving. Once you give her the “release” command, give her a treat for obeying. Again, consistent repetition is the key to success.

3. Teaching Your Dog Loose Leash Walking

The goal of the “heel” command is to teach your dog to walk at your side on a leach with a loose loop. The key is to take a few steps forward at a time, and then reward your dog with treats as she faithfully remains at your side without trying to move on ahead.

4. Teaching Your Dog to Come to You

The secret to teaching your dog to come to you is to get down on her level. Say her name, place a treat on the ground, and then say “come”. As with all commands, this one will require plenty of repetition to get it right.

5. Teaching Your Dog to Lay Down

The final command on our list is to “lay down”. The typical method for this is to lure your dog to lay down beside you, say “lay down”, and then reward her with a treat. It really is that simple. With enough repetition, most dogs learn to lay down without any major issue.

Basic Dog Commands Every Owner Should Know

The basic dog commands contained in this article are easy to teach and learn. They will help you bond with your dog by helping you communicate in a more effective and loving way.

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