5 Best Places in New Zealand for Wedding Photography

wedding photography

Newzealand is the place which is marveled upon by many people from around the globe. Its scenes and the stunning backgrounds make everyone to have their pictures clicked. And when the thing concerns the big day of the individuals they get extra excited about getting photographed in one of the best locations in the world. You can find the complete guide about the wedding photographers auckland and the places which people are most attracted to and can capture the most special moments of your life there. Read on to find more about them.

Cape Reinga Lighthouse

This lighthouse is a place to marvel better from the south. This is because this is the highest point one can get from the mainland. The sight is surely picturesque which is surrounded by nothing but plain lands. The landing is perfect. This is at the top of the north sight thus this often greeted by the windy paths and can be used as a leading line for any occasion related to the wedding.

Arrowtown House

Arrowtown house’s image which is formed in the minds of people is that of a wooden house which is always crowded by the people.  The Arrowtown house is located right in the heart of the woods and thus radiates a wave of mysteriousness. This reason for the rush is too obvious. The surrounding and the ambiance is sure to leave you with the feels of living a moment in little red riding hood movie. This usually attracts the cute couple for their pre-wedding photoshoots!

Queenstown Jetty

This is one of the most happening areas of the southern region. Queenstown Jetty has an air of mystic beauty surrounding it.  The travel logs on the other depict the opposite about the coastal tide of the Newzealand. This is one of the best place for keeping your wedding memories relish forever.

Lake Wanaka

There is a land on the peak of lake Wanaka also called the footing for some reason. Here people are usually rooting for the famous “Lone Tree”. That one of a kind tree is often seen floating here and there on the lake and is a focus of people’s attention for the very reason. The tree is not going to steal all of the attention once you upload it, because the gorgeous lake setting will be going to steal the show.

Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook National Park incorporates all kinds of glaciers and the highest mountains. Now don’t be amazed by how will you be able to climb up there with your precious clothes on. The national parks have got the commuter which will carry the couple up to the maximum safest place possible.  The snow-capped peaks at the back of your picture will tell you why it is so much worth it for just the photos.

Lavender Field

They are a dream come true for anyone who is looking for a simple backdrop. The field seems to be endless when you will be getting across it for the work the photography sessions. The photographs which are taken from the east view holds greater importance for they showcase the side of the sunrise.


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