Outdoor TV Covers: Cabinets and All-Weather Garments

Outdoor TV Covers

Meta Description: Outdoor televisions cost more than regular television because they are built to battle a lot of outdoor elements, hence, the need for outdoor TV covers.

Television is not merely a tool for people to be entertained with their favorite movies and series; it can also be a great accessory. You see, a nice LED / LCD / plasma television will immediately elevate your backyard into a fun entertainment zone. A lot of houses have a backyard or a patio equipped with outdoor furniture for relaxation and perhaps a grill for social gatherings. But when you have flat-screen TV out there, the area transforms into more than just a patio, it becomes an attraction.

The outdoor, though, has so much more elements that could destroy any kind of equipment, which is why TV screens should be protected with outdoor TV covers.

So why should you take your flat screen outdoors?

There are various reasons why you buy an outdoor television, but the most logical one is because you want to be entertained while you are outside the house. Some people are claustrophobic, so being cooped up inside the four walls of the house is quite constricting. And even for people without claustrophobia, staying indoors for a long period of time is not going to be healthy. Nature will do a lot for a person’s health. It is no secret that people need fresh air. A great walk outdoors may do the trick, but if you want to watch television, you might as well do it while surrounded by fresh air.

People, like plants, also need sunlight. So while watching the news in the morning, you might want to do so on the patio along with your morning coffee. This way, you get your daily dose of vitamin D while also enjoying your energy drink (the coffee) and your morning entertainment. Physical benefits aside, staying outdoors is also good for your sanity. Did you notice that during winter, articles about activities to keep your sanity in check abound? That’s because the staying indoors for a very long time is not mentally and emotionally healthy. According to a Time’s article, spending at least 20 minutes outdoors makes you healthier and happier.

Your entertainment viewing is also different while outside. But here is an important reminder: Take an outdoor television outside the house; a regular TV just won’t do. There is a reason why outdoor televisions are more expensive because they are more specialized. They really are made for the outdoors, which means their programming is different.

Everything is heightened outdoors. This is why you don’t usually see an outdoor television that is smaller than 55 inches. Since the backyard or patio is open-air, the area will always seem bigger than it actually is. So, bigger space needs a bigger television. It is also brighter outside, obviously. But that won’t affect the picture quality of an outdoor television because it was made to adjust to natural light. Outdoor televisions are tested so that their brightness will be adequate while outside the house. The volume of an outdoor flat screen or plasma television has also been adjusted to be louder than regular viewing equipment. This is because the sounds would have to contend with the noise outside—that includes mechanical sounds and natural sounds.

Protect screens with outdoor TV covers

A TV cover for your outdoor television should protect your equipment from all kinds of weather. It is not practical to wheel your television inside the house when you are not using them. That is just a waste of time and effort. You have to know that it is okay to leave your screens outside the house as long as they have weatherproof protection.

There are different kinds of TV covers: from the wooden repository to the screen garment. Both will definitely work in protecting your television, but one is just way better than the other. Wooden TV cabinets prevent scratches. Obviously, the wood is too sturdy for anything to scratch the screen. However, there is the issue of dust. A cabinet has too much space in it that dust will surely penetrate the bulky TV cover and will potentially encroach through the TV system. A cabinet, though, is heavy duty and will surely protect the television from thieves when you lock the box.

Outside TV covers made of cloth are actually more practical—of course, it will depend on what material is used. You have to look for an all-weather fiber to protect your boob tube in all seasons. Really cold winters could mean that the TV’s liquid crystal fluid would freeze. You know this risk is a possibility when you see icicles hanging at the edges of your roof. But great outdoor TV covers will prevent that from happening.

Find high-quality dust-proof and weather-proof materials. Choose brands that have garnered a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing high-grade TV cover. Among the brands that are rated highly are Genetics, TV Cover Store, Viziflex Dust, Hentex Universal, InCover Flat, Stronghold Standard, among others. Read reviews about the best TV covers or get recommendation from friends. Since outdoor televisions are expensive, you should be able to take care of them.

Pointers in choosing a TV cover

Measure your television to know the appropriate size of the TV cover that you need to buy. You also need to consider wall mounts for television sets that are on walls. Manufactures, though, also have these considerations so you will definitely have an easier time looking for a great TV cover. Here is another consideration: Look for a cover that has a pocket for the TV’s remote control. This will also be great for your sanity. Remember how many times you have wasted precious time just looking for that pesky remote control.

A television set is really part of what makes a house a home. It is always a surprise when you meet people who actually don’t have a television set at home because we just expect that this entertainment system is just like clothes—it is a necessity and everybody owns at least one. Since it is a part of our lives, and just like with everything that is important to us, we have to protect it with an all-weather TV cover.


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