5 Adorable Wedding Ideas for Millennial Couples

Wedding Ideas

Marriage is a pivotal event for a lot of men and women. It is the end of one chapter of life and the start of a new adventure. But at the crossroads of these two developments is a wedding.

Despite the lowering percentage of marriages every year, weddings are becoming not only grander but more creative as well. Wedding ceremonies and parties have become quite diverse as couples try to either combine traditional practices with personal preferences.

Millennial couples, particularly, are injecting a lot of unconventional ideas that give birth to exciting new trends for the wedding industry. So, if you are a millennial and you wish for your own big day to be the full outlet of your creativity and fantasies, go for it. But if you still need a few ideas for a wedding day that is a little out of the ordinary, here are five adorable ones to consider.

1. Hold an official wedding invite party.

If you are like most millennials who are all for going paperless, forget sending invitation cards to the people whom you want to witness your union. Instead, create a list of all the people who matter to you that you want to be present at your wedding and surprise them all with your wedding announcement at a party.

If money is no issue for your wedding, make your journey to the aisle a grand celebration from day 1. Rent a restaurant for brunch with all the people you love, and as you all enjoy a sumptuous feast, break the news. Everybody will be floored for sure, but you get a great memory seeing everybody’s reaction to your announcement of getting hitched.

2. Choose an unexpected venue for the ceremony and reception party.

Steer clear of the usual luxurious wedding complexes, hotel ballrooms, and places of worship. Instead, go on a trip with your wedding planner or coordinator to find a lovely location that can work for your big day. One unexpected venue for a wedding is an abandoned trail or a private tree-lined road.

The layout of such a location is perfect for a wedding because the trail or road automatically serves as the aisle. Plus, the surrounding nature just needs a bit of sprucing up to make the wedding a complete visual delight. It’s great to discover such a venue with your planner because she will be able to determine right away what the place needs to accommodate your wedding comfortably.

3. Use sassy wedding signs.

Make sure that your entourage memorably parades down the aisle by carrying cheeky wedding signs in place of a regular bouquet. For example, if your dog will serve as your ring bearer (because dogs these days are so well-trained), apart from the little pillow that holds the rings, your furry buddy can hold the sign that you loved him first. It’s a sassy little jab at the groom to put everybody in a fun and playful mood.

You can use other signs throughout the wedding venue as well. Keep them humorous, and you’ll have an excellent atmosphere or vibe on your wedding day.

4. Create a macked-out snack station.

There’s nothing like snacks to keep everybody’s spirits up and make your guests more sociable. So, think carefully about the snacks to be served at the reception. Opt for those that will push people to work a bit, either by themselves or with each other.

For instance, a s’mores station makes snacking interactive. Putting out those portable cotton candy machines that turn regular sugar candies into cotton candy, never fail to get everybody excited because each one wants a turn but is a tad worried about whether they can create a cotton candy correctly. The bottom line here is, make your snack station fun and engaging place to be.

5. Let there be dancing.

This is not a new idea, but it seems like a lot of weddings fail at getting the groove on right. Quite often, everybody feels a bit shy about busting some moves on the dance floor, but you can change all that for your wedding by hiring a few trained dancers or dance instructors.

Your entourage can practice with these experienced dancers, so dancing with the other guests will be a breeze. You and your spouse should get your dancing mojo ready with their help as well so encouraging your parents, and other family members will not feel too awkward.

An important rule to remember when you want dancing for your wedding is to choose your playlist songs properly. Here’s a little tip – there’s nothing like a bunch of oldies but goodies to get the parents and grandparents to hit the dance floor and encourage the younger generation to learn fancy old moves.

These are not all the ideas to consider. If you want more inspiration visit wedding agency portfolios and check out top wedding blogs because they feature the latest trends and the creative DIY projects a lot of couples these days are using to make their wedding day stand out.

Author Bio:

Masha Cain is a founder and a managing director of Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. Masha’s idea of having a wedding planning agency came from having a wedding planner at her own wedding. Now, 5 years later, there are over 100 successful weddings designed and planned by Masha and her team.


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