Make Money Now: 7 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash Online

Make Money Now: 7 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash Online

As of 2017, almost 8 million Americans worked at home. And with the gig economy slowly replacing hired workers, that number is only set to rise in the next few years.

In the past, getting quick cash meant resorting to possibly seedy things that you’d have to do in person. Nowadays, you can make money now without ever having to leave your couch–or put on pants.

But how do you find these elusive opportunities?

Read on for some of our favorite ways to earn cash without having to set foot outside of your door.

1. Make Money Now: Sell Items

This one may be the most obvious for many, but it’s worth repeating for those who may not think of it.

These days, you can sell almost anything via the Internet, and your old discarded items may just be what someone is looking for. While back in the day, eBay may have been your go-to, there are now tons of places where you can sell unwanted items.

If you’ve got clothes you want to discard, for example, Depop is a fantastic app for that. Just create a quick profile, photograph your unwanted items and away you go!

Facebook now has its own marketplace built into its interface, so you can sell items without having to navigate away from your profile. If you’re a die-hard Facebook fan, this could be a great choice for you.

2. Surveys

Yes, the elusive survey companies that claim to make you millions of dollars without leaving your home are real. But the making millions of dollars part is usually a bit of embellishment.

If you’re looking to make a few quick bucks, taking surveys is a good option, as long as the site is legit. There are hundreds of these sites out there, so do your research before committing your precious time. If a site asks for your credit card number, it’s probably fake.

3. Become a Courier

So, this one requires that you put on pants, unless you want some irate customers. But you can still make money via the Internet in your spare time while setting your own schedule.

There are several companies you can courier for, the most famous being Postmates and UberEats. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to deliver packages through Amazon.

Simply sign up and accept jobs as they’re available and deliver people their food. Most of these apps payout relatively quickly, and you can earn unlimited tips through it.

Be courteous and polite and show up on time and you’ll always get a little something extra.

4. Perform a Creative Task

Got a talent like design or writing? Want to turn that into money but don’t exactly know how? Well, never fear, there are plenty of ways to do this.

If you’ve got a talent in some capacity, try signing up for Fiverr and offering it as a service. People in need of copy or freelance design will hit you up, and you can earn money as you go.

Don’t be dissuaded by the name, though. You don’t have to merely charge $5. You can charge a lot more, as long as the base price for your service is $5. Extras, which most serious customers will want, are usually a little bit more.

5. Virtual Assistant Work

Do you have the patience to help people with the minutiae of their work? Can you do things like make travel plans, create schedules and research for small businesses looking to outsource their assistants? If so, this might be the perfect job for you.

Most people make around $30 an hour doing virtual assistant work, but high earners can make a lot more. Some people can even top out at $100 an hour.

6. Gamble Online

Yes, seriously. Gambling can actually make you a lot of money if you know how to do it correctly. Why do you think there are professional poker players?

If you know your strategies or don’t mind investing a bit to try and get a gain, gambling online is a great way to go. You can try slots or games of strategy. Start small, and go bigger as you grow in confidence. Learn more about the process, and get started today.

7. AirBnB Extra Property or an Extra Room

If you’ve got an extra room in your home, you could be charging folks upwards of $100 a night there on AirBnB, more or less. It may depend on where you live and the demand for accommodation in your area. If you live in New York or the Bay Area, for example, you’ll likely find yourself earning a lot more money for your spare room than if you live in the midwest.

Still, you never know when people need to stay near you, so you can always rent out your home, guest house, or extra rooms for some spare change.

Making Money Online

If you need to make money now, the Internet is the answer to your woes, but you need to think creatively and a bit outside of the box. Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. After all, if you don’t like it, you can stop doing it without much hassle. There isn’t much commitment involved, and you can come and go as you please.

Get ready to discover the fastest way to make money online with Project Profit Academy.

Remember, there are plenty of work at home scam sites, so you’ll want to make sure where you’re working is legit. If we’ve not listed it in this article, do your own research to ensure where you’re working isn’t an elaborate scam.

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