How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Reception and Find the Best Wedding Venues in NYC

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Your wedding reception helps set the stage for an amazing few hours of partying. However, planning your wedding reception can be a stressful experience, especially in regard to researching different wedding venues. To assist you during the process, here are some things to consider as you look to create a great wedding reception:

Look At Your Budget

Before you start thinking about ideas and concepts, figure out your budget. Be aware that many wedding venues carry a minimum number of seats. The venue may also ask you for an estimate of your guest number so that they can give you a good estimate for the total cost.

Find A Good Catering Company

Your guests will certainly expect some delicious food. That’s why it is important that you choose a catering company that will deliver excellent service. Sweets are also popular at weddings, so make sure that you add cake or some other type of sweet dish to your menu as you finalize your plans.

The Dance Floor

Remember that your guests want to have fun, so make sure that you have some musical entertainment to help keep the mood up during the reception. Think about adding a dance floor. Established wedding venues that have hosted multiple wedding receptions in the past should work with you to find something that you like. However, if you are looking at having the reception at an inexperienced venue, you may not receive a lot of suggestions. Many wedding parties prefer to place the dance floor in the center of the room or place the dance floor at one end of the room.

Setting Up The Tables

Figure out the size and shape that you want for your tables. Popular choices include a sweetheart table or a long king’s table. Make sure that you choose to set up the tables in an area where most of the guests can see you. You’ll also have to decide how many guests will be seated at each table and whether you want square, round, or rectangular tables.

Try to arrange the tables as symmetrically as possible. Pick out the VIP seats. Make sure that you reserve the tables closest to you, your spouse, and your immediate family. Try to set aside tables for your older guests as well. Make sure that you make your guests feel appreciated. Consider giving them gifts, such as picture frames, candles, or a small food item such as candy or cookies. Another way to show appreciation to your guests is by leaving each one of them a thank you note. Regardless of what you choose to do, that simple gesture of kindness will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

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Manhattan Penthouse

If you are researching different wedding venues in the New York City area to host your wedding reception, look no further than The Manhattan Penthouse. Located on 5th Ave, The Manhattan Penthouse sits at the top of a Beaux Arts Tower. The Manhattan Penthouse offers stunning views of Union Square and The Manhattan Skyline. Guests can also view The Empire State Building and The World Trade Center.

Inside of The Palladian Reception Room, Executive Chef Noga Andriani will treat you and your guests to amazing French cuisine. The reception room also includes a custom oak bar with stained glass and illuminating lights. The Compass Ballroom hosts anywhere from 75 to 200 guests.


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