Finding Ways To Be Creative With Your Jewelry

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People have always wanted to make a statement with the way they look. Since the very earliest days of civilisation, it’s been common for those from all walks of life to decorate themselves to the best of their means. This has become increasingly prevalent as time has gone on, with many modern garments taking the opportunity to throw function out of the window, while embracing style and creativity. Of course, though, standing out when everyone is buying clothing from the same stores isn’t always easy. To help you to overcome this challenge, this post will be exploring a range of unique ways to use your jewelry.

Going Custom

In the past, buying bespoke pieces would cost a small fortune, and only those with a heavy purse would be able to afford such luxuries. Nowadays, though, the market has changed, and it’s much easier to get you hands on jewelry which is made especially for you, without having to give up the rest of your lifestyle in the process. Some companies will give you more options than others, making it well worth shopping around before you settle.

Of course, you will have to put some work into designing the items you’d like to wear, but this can be a big part of the fun that comes with this approach to accessories. This can feel like a daunting task when you first get started. Most of the companies on the market which offer custom jewelry have their own digital design tools which should help you out, making it far easier to make something beautiful without investing huge amounts of time. You can usually get in contact for more support if you’re struggling, too.

Using Colour

Colour has always played a major role in the way that people decorate themselves, with dyes being invented very early in human history. There are loads of different ways to incorporate more colour into your jewelry. Stones are very common, with loads of semi-precious gems being very affordable, and glass making a great substitute when it is coloured and shaped correctly. Sapphires are blue, while rubies are red, and those with expensive tastes will love the clarity found in diamonds.

Along with stones, there are also a variety of different metals on the market. Copper and brass are dark and orangey brown, and will form patinas which can range from grey to blue when exposed to the elements. Gold and silver are bright and shiny, with gold being yellow and silver taking on a paler tone. Steel, iron, titanium, and a huge range of other metals can also be made into jewelry, and will have their own unique qualities.

The way you use the colour your add to your jewelry is key in ensuring that you create the look you’re after. It’s always best to coordinate this with your outfit in some way, and there are a number of ways to do this. Pairing matching or complimenting colours is the easiest. This will take very little effort, and it won’t take long until you can see potential matches before they are together. Alternatively, you could also use any metals in your outfit to decide what your jewelry should be made out of.

Layering Up

Layers can be an excellent design tool, enabling you to create something interesting out of a range of different pieces. Jewelry can be particularly good for this, as, unlike clothing, wearing more of it won’t make you feel too hot or make you uncomfortable. The wrists and neck are the best places for this, though some people will also like to layer up their piercings, and this can also create an appealing affect. One of the key things to keep in mind when layering jewelry is ensuring that each of the pieces match and compliment one another.

Choosing the pieces you’re going to layer can be a bit of a challenge when you first get started with this. Monday Merchant have an amazing range of layering necklaces here, making it extremely easy to find items which will match each other. Stores like this are good because they show you plenty of images of their products being worn in layers. Combined with the fact that they sell loads of matching items, this makes it incredibly easy to put together loads of great layered arrangements. This can look particularly good if you’re using stones or charms to make it more interesting.

Your Jewelry and Your Wardrobe

For a complete and fashionable look, coordinating your jewelry and wardrobe is essential. For a work wardrobe, you can skip the hanging bracelets and angles, most especially if your work entails typing in front of a computer. Doing so reduces stress and weight on your tired hands. Instead, you can resort to wearing gold hoop earrings for a semi-formal look.

Check out these tips when coordinating your wardrobe and jewelry:

  • Simple Jewelry and Busy Patterns Match: If your wardrobe has a busy print or pattern, it is best to match it with simple jewelry pieces. Never match wild jewelry and busy fabric prints. Instead of showy jewelry, opt-in solid bracelets, earrings, and watches.
  • Highlight Your Face Using Statement Earrings: If you want to highlight your face, wear statement earrings to draw people’s attention to your eyes, most especially if you’re a salesperson.
  • Choose Jewelry Pieces That Match Your Skin Tone: While it’s tempting to accessorize based on your wardrobe, you shouldn’t miss finding the best jewelry pieces for your skin tone. Silver is considered a standard metal, illuminating most natural skin tones. For matte skin and darker hair, they go well with gold accessories.
  • Match Warm Jewelry and Cool Colours: If you have cooler skin tone, choose gems that are purple, blue, and red. Also, white gold makes a perfect metal if you have a cool skin tone. On the other hand, warm skin tones pair well with orange, green, and yellow gemstones.
  • Sea-colored Clothes and White Pearls: For a simulated sea environment, deep blues, greens, aqua, and stormy grays are best paired with white pearls.

Colour Coordination: For enhancing a classic and simple attire, white, black, and gold match well. For instance, a black cocktail dress is best matched with onyx gemstones or bright gold jewelry.

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Being Creative

While this section may seem obvious at first glance, being creative with something like jewelry isn’t always an easy task. You have a lot of different things to consider, while also having to stick within a budget, and this all has to be done while buying things which will match the outfits you’ve already got. To make this easier for you, you can find a range of different tools which can help you in your creative pursuits below.

Inspiration: Using other people’s ideas to fuel your own creativity is always a good idea when you’re starting out. There are loads of sites around the web which can be perfect for this, with options like Instagram and Pinterest being designed with inspiration in mind. Looking at other people’s ideas will create a spark and drive you toward making your own, while giving you some safe parameters to work within. It isn’t always easy to find inspiration online, though you should be able to achieve this goal if you work hard at it.

Shopping Around: It’s not always easy to imagine a great set of accessories until you’ve seen them somewhere, as you simply won’t know that they exist. Shopping around can be a great way to overcome this, giving you the chance to see loads of different styles, while also helping you to find the best prices for the items you like. Online jewelry stores tend to give you loads of information about their products, giving you the chance to learn a thing or two as you go through this process.

Confidence: It’s not always easy to force yourself to be brave when it comes to trying a new style for the first time. Confidence will make it far easier to make yourself stand out, though, and you will have to accept that fact that you might be doing something a little out of the ordinary. One of the best ways to make yourself feel confident is by pretending that you are already in this position you want to be in.

A Small Warning

Shopping for something like jewelry can often be a challenge when you’re using the internet for it. Colours won’t always be represented well in photographs, and the screens people use will show colours differently, making it hard to know if what you’re buying will match the things you want to pair them with. Some sellers are also less than honest about their products. You should look for stores with fair policies, good reviews, and easy ways to get in touch with their customer support. This can make your experience far better down the line.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started on the way you use your accessories to make yourself stand out. There are plenty of options on the market which enable you to play it safe, though being creative is often a lot more satisfying, and can have a huge positive impact on the way you feel about yourself. There are few reasons to wear boring accessories, but plenty to do something different.


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