Eleven Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

It’s natural for every engaged couple to entertain the possibility of hosting a destination wedding. Destination weddings have become increasingly popular over the years, and anybody would jump at the idea of celebrating one of the most important events of their life at a beautiful setting.

Its appeal doesn’t mean destination weddings don’t come with their own set of challenges. From convincing your friends and family to planning the entire thing, a destination wedding does seem challenging. However, a destination wedding is definitely worth it and here are seven reasons why should go for it, too:

It’s easy to pull off

Contrary to what many people think, destination weddings aren’t that difficult to execute. Many resorts offer wedding packages that not only give couples the leeway to customize but also provide help with planning. If you’re not looking for a package, you can also consider an independent planner who’s an expert at planning such events.

Due to its beaches and seas, Jamaica is a popular wedding destination. Rose Hall is a fantastic wedding location where the team will help you plan the wedding from beginning to end.

You can host it anywhere

Technically, a destination wedding means getting married somewhere that’s at least a hundred miles away from the bride’s house. You can choose to host your wedding in another city or a country on the other side of the globe. The possibilities of where you can host a destination wedding are endless.

You’ll stand out in the crowd

According to TripSavvy, around 25 percent of marriages are destination weddings. This means there’s a high chance that they’re not common in your circle. An added advantage is that you won’t have to use a wedding venue that’s already been used by a friend or family member before.

You don’t need to splurge on decor

Getting married in a fantastic setting will genuinely save you a lot in terms of decor. A beautiful backdrop won’t need too much decoration, and you can adjust the theme accordingly. Go for a garden, beach, or vineyard and adorn it with light florals. Even minimal decor will be more than enough for a gorgeous wedding.

Spend quality time with your loved ones

The majority of weddings last for a few hours and, most of the time, the couple jumps from table to table and tries to make small talk with every guest. This busy schedule barely gives them room to spend quality time with people who matter the most. A destination wedding typically lasts a couple of days and, since everybody is living in the same place, you can actually spend time with your loved ones and have fun.

It’s an excellent way to limit your guest list

Destination weddings require a time commitment, traveling, and staying in a hotel. Due to its nature, you can easily cut down on the guest list to people who are close to you and your beau. A destination wedding is an excellent excuse to cut out the extended family members and coworkers. To ensure these people still feel included, you can always host a post-wedding party later on.

Your guests get a vacation

Eleven Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Many hotels offer discounted rates when you’re making bookings in bulk for your guests. You can always bargain with resorts when you’re giving them a chance to do group business. Some airlines, such as Southwest and Delta, also offer group travel for ten or more people. Most importantly, though, your friends and family get a much-needed vacation out of your destination wedding. It gives them a chance to relax and offers them a break from their busy lives.

You’ll share a place that’s close to your heart

A wedding occasion allows you to share your love in front of everyone close to you. One of the best parts about a destination wedding is to show off a place that’s close to your heart. Deciding on a destination is the most important part, and it’s a perfect opportunity to share an area that means a lot to you. You can opt for a place you previously visited together or somewhere you grew up in.

A flexible schedule helps cut down cost

Since you and your guests will be at the destination for a couple of days, you have flexibility with the timing and can adjust it accordingly to cut down costs. The most popular, and naturally most expensive, day to get married is a Saturday, so it’s best to choose a weekday for a cheaper package.

Apart from days, you can also go for a season that isn’t busy in terms of weddings and avail of lower hotel and airline prices. December to February is the least busy time of the year so you can schedule your destination wedding at this time and save some money off your budget.

You can start your money right after the wedding

A beautiful destination is bound to put you in the holiday mood. You can extend these festivities by starting your honeymoon at the same locale. Your hotel might even offer a discounted package if you’d like to upgrade the vacation.

Unlimited photo opportunities

Perhaps the best part about a destination wedding is the memories it creates. With a stunning background, your photos are bound to look stunning, and your photographer will have a blast doing the wedding photography. With the venue doing most of the work, the photographer won’t need to put in extra effort to make every picture look like a postcard.

There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for a destination wedding. With many affordable wedding locations to explore, you’re bound to find something that’ll suit your needs!

Have you ever hosted or attended a destination wedding? What was it like? Let us know in the comments below!


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