10 secret garden ideas that can make a charming retreat for you!


A home is your dream palace. It never matters whether it’s a compact apartment at a busy city or a huge villa with a spectacular view, we always love it beyond bounds! It always feels like entering a fairy tale palace when you enter your home. And it adds more zing to the happy feeling when you add an extra charming factor to it. And if it’s a secret, known only to you and your family, it’ll become the most special corner of your home for you all to spend quality time of togetherness.

The idea of secret gardens has been a baby of those fairy tales we use to hear since childhood. It was forgotten in the practical world. Though this idea got a new lease of life with the help of Landscape Architects in Sydney. The beautiful idea of secret gardens can add some extra life in every home to make it more beautiful.

Some ideas that can make your secret garden look amazing!

A secret garden itself is a blissful retreat for anyone. But getting a Secret Garden in Sydney designed by Stone Lotus Landscapes makes it all the more special. They have some amazing expertise in creating wonderfully designed secret gardens for you, keeping in mind all the relevant factors like your space, budget and other preferences. Now you need ideas to beautify that garden! Adding these factors to them can also intensify the beauty of these gardens.

1    A wooden primitive door— A book can be judged by its cover! Similarly, any place can be best justified through its door! The entryway adds the first (and the lasting) impression no doubt! When you want your secret garden to look the most beautiful, adding a natural and an attractive entrance to it is essential. A wooden or bamboo door acts as the best charmer here, because they complement the natural theme the best; and the rustic the material is, the better it looks!

  1.   Lined pergolas — Pergolas act as a cosy nook for your secret garden. If it’s fully covered, you don’t have to fear rain, sun or wind – you can enjoy your garden anytime. Thus, you relish the sweet smell of the earth during rains in your favourite place. When it’s lined or designed in a way that allows some natural sunlight to make its way in the garden (which is essential for plant growth) it’ll beautify your mornings as well (not to forget the supply of Vitamin D).
  1.   Flowers all around—Flowers are natural decorators of any place. If you have flowering plants in plenty in your garden, it’ll make it look more charming and colourful. Not to forget the sweet fragrance of them welcoming you each time you enter your secret heaven.
  1.       Creepers are essential —Whenever you close your eyes to get a vision of a secret garden, you’ll always get a glimpse of creepers creating naturally green garlands all around the place. It’s a kind of a charming factor without which no garden can look complete. Getting these planted all around the corners and at a height wherever possible can make the space look visibly enchanting.
  1.   Climbers fencing the boundaries —When it’s a garden and almost all sides are half open, climbers come at a rescue. They tend to create a protective wall all around the place when planted in such a way that they get a support to climb. I’m sure this wall can be the best designed fence suitable for a secret garden.
  1.       Shelter with tall trees— Tall trees become the soldiers of your garden. They protect your privacy and keep your secret dwelling away from the eyes of the seekers — thus keeping your secret garden a hidden secret!
  1.   Shrubs are essential— Ever imagined what short plants are doing in your garden? They are adding the WOW factor to it through their short but bushy leaves and lots of flowers to glamorise the place.
  1.   Swings add the magic— A lovely looking swing placed in the centre of your secret garden would make it look and all the more dreamy. And if it’s decorated with a line of creepers or orchids, this would just be magical. Who wouldn’t love to spend quality time swinging amidst beautiful greens enjoying the fresh breeze and lovely fragrance of flowers?
  2.  A coffee table to survive— We know we need fresh oxygen to survive, but so do we want our coffees! How about a corner of your secret garden dedicated to your daily dose of caffeine with a plain wooden table and some wooden chairs? Make sure you select outdoor furniture and furnishing for sustainability.
  3.   Small fountain — A small fountain included in your landscape designing of this secret garden can add the cooling factor to it (not to mention the dramatic element!). The rippling effect of water falling on the grounds, the serene sound of it trickling down would make your garden exude a zen like feeling.

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These ten charming ideas can create a heavenly secret garden for you of which you shall be super proud – a place you would never want to leave and look forward to come back to!


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