12 Things Every First-Time Travelers In Las Vegas Needs To Know

12 Things Every First-Time Travelers In Las Vegas Needs To Know

Are you traveling to Las Vegas for the very first time? Excellent choice! But are you intimidated by the bright lights? You shouldn’t be! Just because Vegas looks expensive and glamorous in movies, doesn’t mean you can’t experience Vegas to the fullest while on a limited budget.

The best way to experience Vegas is not only by knowing the best places to visit and which activities you shouldn’t miss. It also involves understanding the basics of how to save time and money when traveling to this side of the US.

12 Things Every First-Time Travelers In Las Vegas Needs To Know

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It doesn’t matter whether your trip to Las Vegas is for business or pleasure. It pays to the basics when traveling to what many recognize as the “Sin City.” But what are your travel must-knows when visiting Las Vegas?

Here are twelve tips every first-time traveler needs to know before going on a Las Vegas Trip.

Take Advantage Of The Trams And Walkways

Since most buildings in Vegas look closer together, many first-time travelers think that they can walk to another location without breaking a sweat. In reality, the distances may appear closer but are further than they seem. If you insist on walking, make sure to put on comfy shoes. If not, take advantage of the walkways and trams to get to your destination quickly.

Familiarize Yourself With Your Surroundings

No matter where your travel destination is, make sure to take a quick tour of your hotel and its surroundings before settling in. Check out the nearby restaurants, establishments, and nearby tourist destinations. This way, you’ll already have an idea on where you can go, how to get there and how long it will take to go to and fro your hotel.

Bring Your Essentials Everywhere

Make sure to bring your travel essentials with you. It includes your sunscreen, a water bottle, your prescriptions, a light jacket, and identification. This way, you’ll never get dehydrated, you’ll have sun protection, will have something to cover you up and have your ID ready in case of emergencies.

Download Travel Apps To Save Time And Money

There are many free apps available for both Android and iPhones that you can use to save time and money when traveling. Here are some of them.

Gas Buddy

If you have your car with you, then the app you need is Gas Buddy. This app will help you find cheap gas near your location.

Trail Wallet

Going on a trip with a limited budget? Download the Trail Wallet app, and it will track your expenses for you. Simply set your daily budget and input all expenses. The app will show you where your money went, how much you already spent, and what is left on your budget for the day.


Haven’t decided where to stay while in Las Vegas? Check out Yelp and see which hotels fit your taste and budget. You can also check which restaurants to go into, and see what their contact details are, reviews and even their business hours.


Not a fan of walking or public transport? Then download Uber and book your transport online. No need to place a phone call and carry cash to pay for the service. Reach your destination fast and easy, and at a much cheaper rate too.

Avoid Paying Full Price For Show Tickets

Why pay for expensive full price tickets when you can get one at a discounted price? A simple search on the internet can get you discounts on Las Vegas shows, even the most popular ones. Some will also offer show and dinner packages, saving you money in the process.

Look For Happy Hours Instead Of Drinking At Casino Bars

Need something to drink? Avoid the casino bars, or you’ll find the drinks super expensive. If you’re heading towards the casino, it’s best to pick your favorite beverages and drink them at your hotel before heading out. If you wish to drink out, search for happy hours.

Bring Extra Camera Batteries And A Powerbank With You

In Vegas, it’s impossible not to snap photos and videos of the different places and things to see. Record your experiences via photos and videos, and don’t forget to bring extra batteries, power banks, and even memory cards on your trip.

Know That Taking Pictures With Costumed-Characters Comes With A Price

It’s fun to meet individuals dressed as one of your favorite characters in Vegas, but keep in mind that you’ll need to pay the price when taking a photo with one character. Avoid nasty situations and know the price before snapping a pic or two.

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Take Your Dinner Late Or Early

When in Las Vegas, dinner time can be stressful. You’ll find it hard to find a parking spot or get your dinner served on time. If you’re not a fan of waiting in line just to eat your dinner, then try to have your dinner before or after 6-8pm.

Consider Signing Up For A Casino Players Club

You may not be the gambling type, but it pays to sign up for the club/ This way, you can enjoy several discounts and freebies not only on games but in restaurants, attractions and shows as well.

Read, Read, Read

Knowledge is power – no matter the subject, country, or state. There are lots of online blogs that offer an excellent source of information, no matter your destination. Check out touristsecrets for example. Here you can find amazing tips to make the most out of your trip – not only in Vegas but in other states and countries all over the world. Going through travel and video blogs will give you a whole lot of ideas on how to maximize your budget and travel destination on your trip.

Keep An Open Mind

One can consider Las Vegas as a paradise for adults – the very reason many call this the sin city. Make sure to keep an open mind, go with the flow, and enjoy every bit of the experience. It is not every day that you get to experience Las Vegas first-hand, so make the most out of your trip and have fun.


If you are a travel blogger and small business entrepreneur who enjoys traveling to different parts of the world, then Vegas is the best place for you! Take amazing pictures of all the places to visit and make sure to share them to your Instagram and followers in social media and share to the world the beauty and worthwhile experience when you are wandering.



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