Five Common Water Damage Mistakes Homeowners Make

Five Common Water Damage Mistakes Homeowners Make

When water damage strikes your family home, you need to get everything dried, cleaned, and repaired as fast as possible. The problem with that is that a lot of people make little mistakes along the way. You can avoid those mistakes fairly easily using the tips below. You might not even know you are doing these things until you have already made a decision that cause you more problems than they will solve. Also, you will save money when you do not cause yourself problems by running into the pitfalls of a home restoration.

What Does A Home Restoration Company Do?

The restoration company does a lot more than dry up your house and get all the water out. You are requesting a full renovation of the house where water damage occurred. Plus, you are asking that the house look completely new, remain safe, and show no signs of water damage. You could never sell the house if you still showed signs of water damage, and you need to remember that the work could take some time.

Taking Shortcuts

You cannot take shortcuts when you are hoping to get back into your house. Do not ask the company to move faster or skip over steps in the repair process that they have deemed necessary. Let the restoration company do everything. Your insurance company should be paying for your hotel or reimbursing you, and you would do well to stay in the hotel a little bit longer while you wait for the job to get done right.

Not Renovating

You need to ask the restoration company to do a full renovation to the rooms that were damaged by water. You cannot expect that the house will be completely safe if you only did a little bit of work to the rooms that were hit by water damage. You may not realize that water can get behind the walls, sink into the subfloor, and grow mold long after the flood. Because of this, you need to get the full renovation that brings the room back to life.

Spending Less Money

You cannot cut costs when restoring your home. First of all, you are filing a claim with your insurance company. They should pay for many of these repairs, and you must ensure that you have gone over all the repairs to get the best deal. Do not simply cut the repairs that you think are too expensive. Plus, you might have to do the repairs again int he future after mold starts growing in the house.

Trying To Air Out The House Yourself

You must call the restoration company as soon as you can. There is no way for you to dry out the house or air out the house on your own. You need to get a professional to do the job so that the house will be perfectly dry and leave no room for mold to grow. Ultimately, you need to be careful and patient so that the house can return to normal.


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