Raisins Do the Body Good

Raisins Do the Body Good

Food, fasting and fitness combine together to make a solid, sound and healthy body. If you play your cards right, you can rely on these three facets to promote muscle gain, burn fat, boost energy levels and most of all, balance hormones.

From strictly a food perspective, there are a lot of absolute myths out there that for some reason, people swear by every day. One of them is the idea that raisins are bad for you. It’s usually the carbophobes who like to throw foods like raisins, bananas and carrots under the bus. But in the big picture, that’s a bunch of nonsense.

Before you jump to any conclusions or hop onto any hater bandwagons, you should reconsider the powerful little dried fruits called raisins. Once you know more, you just might want to consume them on the daily.

What are Raisins?

You would have a really hard time locating a raisin bush or tree. That’s because no such thing even exists. What DOES exist is grapes. And no one ever seems afraid to eat those, do they?

Raisins are simply dried grapes. And you can’t go a day without someone saying how good grapes are for you and how they have resveratrol and you should drink a glass of red wine a day because it comes from grapes.

Suffice it to say, this is all true. So it only makes sense that the same can be said for raisins. The only difference is, raisins don’t need to be refrigerated and they are way easier to travel with.

Let’s now take a little deeper look into the nutrients of raisins and benefits that come with them.


The cat has already been let out of the bag with one nutrient that comes along with raisins, and that’s resveratrol. This is also why “the experts” tell you to drink a glass of red wine a day.

It’s not because it’s wine. It’s because it was made with red grapes, which are high in resveratrol. Being that raisins come from grapes, they too are high in resveratrol. You then have an antioxidant formula right in the palm of your hand.

Again, it’s easier to eat raisins behind the wheel of a car, then it is drinking a glass of wine. Plus, it’s legal.

Resveratrol boosts immune function, but it also has another effect on the body which you should pay strict attention too. It helps lower estrogen levels, which in turn, boosts testosterone levels.

This would make a great compliment to Humatrope or any other HGH cycle you might be taking, Then you can have the best of both worlds. You can boost your t-levels while also boosting your HGH levels. You can find information on how to get hgh at this website.


You’ve always been told that you need to get more fiber in your diet, and for good reason. A low fiber diet can lead to constipation, lethargy, dehydration, obesity and cancer to name a few things. It makes sense that this is one area you do not want to mess with.

And this is where raisins can come to the table. They are high in fiber, which can thwart off any of the harmful conditions that a low fiber diet can cause.


There are not too many foods out there that contain a mineral called boron. If having a healthy sex drive, maintaining strength and building muscle are important to you, then you should quickly familiarize yourself with this.

Boron helps boost the body’s ability to produce testosterone. So you have not just one, but two substances in raisins that help this cause. And here’s what’s even more interesting. Prunes are also high in boron.

They look much like raisins too, except they are quite larger. And they are dried plums, which sort of resemble large grapes.

On a side note, boron also promotes better brain function, reduces oxidative stress and helps reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis. All the more reason to eat raisins.

How to Apply Raisins in Your Diet

The obvious and quickest way to consume raisins is just by simply pouring some into your hand and tossing them into your mouth. But there are other more fun ways to include them into your diet too.

Are you a fan of smoothies? If so, whip one up and throw some raisins in it. They get mashed up nicely and add a little bit more flavor and frothiness.

Another good site would be your bowl of oatmeal. This is a good place to add a lot of other things too like protein powder, greens powder, maca, raspberries, hemp seeds and olive oil. All of these ingredients help boost both HGH and testosterone levels in the body.

You can also toss raisins into plain Greek yogurt to make it more tasty, or add them to salads, casseroles and popcorn.

Lastly, you can fill the troughs of celery sticks with a nut butter of your choosing and then squeeze some raisins into the top. These are popular party snacks often referred to as “ants on a log.”

Voice of Raisin

Here’s the final word on raisins. Don’t worry so much about the glycemic index or sugar content that comes with them. Unless you eat 5 lbs. in one sitting, there is a very slim chance that they will make you fat. In fact, they can probably do the complete opposite.

Add them to all of your favorite dishes where it makes sense, and live without fear. But it is a good idea to get organic raisins when possible. Chemicals and pesticides that are sprayed onto grapes can become more concentrated once they dry up. Not to mention, you usually eat more raisins than grapes because they are smaller.

The last thing you want to do is cause toxicity in your body. So play it safe and go with the organic varieties whenever you can.


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