Create a Beautiful Bathroom That is Relaxing and Functional

Create a Beautiful Bathroom That is Relaxing and Functional

The bathroom is the one room in the house that needs to be both beautiful and functional. This is the room that you will start each day in as well as return to each evening before going to bed. It needs to have everything you need within easy reach, but it also needs to be a relaxing place where you can unwind. Whether you are completely renovating your bathroom or just looking for a way to freshen up your existing one, consider the following while making your design plans.

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The most important feature any bathroom can have is organization. This means having everything neatly tucked away in a designated space yet within easy reach. A sink with a vanity underneath allows you to hide away things like hairdryers, beauty products, and other necessities. Shelving can be the ideal place for towels and linens. A corner design provides plenty of storage without taking up precious floor space. Walk-in closets are on-trend for bathrooms as well. They offer more than enough storage space for anything you might need.

Beautiful Decor

Although a bathroom does require a certain amount of practicality, there is no reason why you shouldn’t decorate it in the same way you would any other room in the house. Choose a bright and uplifting color for the walls. Use coordinating accent colors for area rugs, towels, and window treatments. When it comes to window coverings, think beyond the typical blinds. Don’t be afraid to use anything from a sheer curtain to layered draperies. Finally, finish with artwork that makes you smile.


While the majority of the time you spend in the bathroom is rushed, there are those moments when you can slow down. Make the most of these situations. Do you enjoy a long relaxing bath or a stress-reducing shower? Garden tubs with jets can make something as simple as a dip in the tub feel like a day at the spa. Use a digital shower control like the ones from Thermasol Steam & Shower Systems to turn your shower into an experience that rivals a professional message.

Once you have your bathroom organized with everything you need within reach, you will find that getting ready for the day ahead of you is quicker and easier. Add to that the beautiful look of the room and you will actually find yourself looking forward to your time spent there. Finally, you will have created your own private oasis where you can relax with a long shower or soak in the tub to relieve the day’s stress.


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