10 Wedding Photography Tips for the Bride

Wedding Photography

Although the wedding is an event that takes a lot of preparation and planning time, the moment of the celebration will pass you like a breeze. Everything that happens at this moment is remembered for a lifetime: tears, laughter, dances, and emotions. This is where photos and wedding photographers come into action, the physical representation of our most valuable memories.

Because it is such an important element over the years to come, it is vital that these come out as well as possible, if not perfect, and there are certain tips to take into account:


Before selecting a wedding photographer, make sure you know their previous work and their style like WURE photographers for weddings. Ideally, when viewing the portfolio, you have to wish that your photos look that way. And of course, do not ask him to imitate the style of another photographer, because it will be easier to hire another than if it fits what you want.

When the service is contracted through a company, ask to meet the photographer of your event, you must know him personally and confirm that there is empathy between you, after all, this person will accompany you and your acquaintances for hours.

Make sure that he has a human eye for his work, that he is passionate and sensitive to what he wants to capture on camera, as well as showing interest in your wedding, what you like and what you don’t. Remember that it is the person who will materialize one of your most valuable memories and understand you with him or her is crucial. 


When hiring a photography service it is not mandatory to have a pre-wedding session, but keep in mind that it will be a good way to start feeling confident in front of a camera, to have an idea of ​​how to look in the best way, and so Avoid dislikes, discomforts or surprises during the ceremony.

In addition, it is a good way to establish a connection with your photographer, to build trust between you and his work. The result can be used for invitations, to show at the ceremony, and to prove poses and make mistakes with the peace of mind that time is not limited by the wedding itinerary, in addition to preserving a more intimate special memory and with more freedoms.

Even if you decide not to have a pre-wedding session, consider scheduling with the photographer the session of the bride and groom an hour before the ceremony, and get that confidence so that the rest of the event flows better.


Most photographers ask you to fill out an informative form or questionnaire to clients, with personal questions about hobbies, musical tastes, profession, family nucleus, how you met … professional questions about traditional photographs or of some aspect of the ceremony that he should not forget, and also the questions regarding the ceremony such as the itinerary, the date, the time and the place.

These data, although they seem many and but they are necessary for the photographer to know you better, know what to focus on and meet the expectations you have in mind.

This is the time to leave the itinerary of the celebration in writing. If there is going to be a surprise, tell him the exact time so he is ready to take the photos. Also, invite him to go with you to the location and check the logistics of the event. 


During the wedding there is concern about how to pose, when the session will be, how long it will take, how to behave in front of the camera or think about whether it works out well or not. The most important thing is to act naturally, relax and forget about the nerves that will make you look rigid or strange. A good photographer will be in charge of advising you in case they are posed photos, and above all to capture the essence of each moment, which, in his own opinion, it is better to capture a moment in action than with a pose, resulting in special and unique images.

For this it is important that the presence of the photographer goes unnoticed before your eyes and your guests, treating him as one more and letting him do his job as well as possible without feeling uncomfortable because of his presence or the amount of photos (remember that the more they take, the better the selection).

The best thing you can do to get your wedding photos right is to wear your best smile, so it is best to enjoy every minute to the fullest and dance to encourage everyone, without falling into banal worries like the pose, the color of the flowers or a wrinkle in the dress, much less without thinking that the photographer is looking.


Most photographers prefer to take photos outdoors for the main reason in photography, lighting. Natural light is the best selection when it comes to getting quality images. In case of being interior, remember to take advantage of the benefits of architecture or exquisite decoration or angles and openings, so that your photographer also takes advantage of it.

Also inform yourself appropriately about what your photographer can or cannot do in these places and discuss it with him. There are churches that do not allow the passage of photographers to the altar, or premises that do not have the necessary facilities.


If you choose an outdoor location, remember that the important thing is natural light, so the time at which your celebration will take place will be very decisive. Taking photos of a ceremony or having a couple session at noon will be a martyrdom for both parties. Select a noble time and be aware that if the party lasts until night, everything should be well lit.

Indoors, the lighting should be sufficient, especially if it is going to be a night reception. However, there are ambient lights that many decorators use that are very strong and with very bright colors, and that are ideal for lighting walls or objects, but that have a terrible effect when they are directed towards people by the change that produces these colors on the skin.

You are free to choose the time and lighting of your party as you wish, taking these tips into consideration and trusting that your photographer will advise you and will do a proper post-production job. 


Advise your guests to refrain from acting as photographers, to limit themselves to fulfilling only their personal photos, since they may unintentionally hinder the professional work of those who leave you a good memory, to try to get a picture with the mobile. In addition, there are certain photos that “dirty” work, many photos on tables, or that all guests want to leave in inns photographs can become more filling than memories that are really worth.

It is also not advisable to demand to see all the photographs that your photographer captures. See all the videos or all the photographs, including the tests and rare faces, will make you lose value to the photo that if it is perfect. Photographers have a review and post-production team who make sure they choose the indicated photographs, trust them. 

  1.     MAKEUP.

First of all, remember to be yourself even when choosing makeup, if you do not feel comfortable with it, it can be reflected in your expression.

Mainly remember that glitters are not good for photos. If your makeup artist did a good job, they will have used quality products that diminish the natural shine of the face and guaranteed that your makeup is durable, it is important to use matting powders that eliminate shine, especially if the bride marries in hot climates , and to highlight the white of the teeth, it is recommended to use pink or peach tones. Another good option is to hire your makeup artist until the hours of the party so that he can touch you up and thus save you from the natural shine by sweat, if not, take your kit for this case.


Always try to maintain the correct posture: straight but relaxed back, shoulders back, tuck abdomen. This will ensure that regardless of the angle of where they capture you, you look good, gaining height and slenderness. With regard to the face, a good advice is to keep the chin a little high, without exaggeration, to avoid the appearance of a double chin, remember to practice ‘squinching’ (shrink your eyes slightly so as not to have a tense or exaggerated expression). For posed photos, smile but do not overdo it, to avoid unwanted distortion on the face.


Be absolutely aware of the service that will be provided and what will be received from the photographer. Remember to read your contract before signing it and make sure it has everything you want, without surprises. With these simple questions you will have everything very clear:

  • How many hours of work are?
  • How many photographers will go?
  • Can you hire overtime? How much are they worth?
  • Will the photographs have watermarks or logos?
  • What type of touch-ups are made and in how many photos?
  • Does it include printed photos? How many and in what size?
  • How long does it take to deliver the photos or video?

Take into account that most photo packages include less than 100, remember to keep in mind if this will be enough or you will request extra before signing your contract.


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