Top Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

Top Best Beaches in Tel Aviv

There is a lot to see and do when in Tel Aviv, but most people want to spend at least a little time experiencing one of the amazing beaches that this city has to offer. With so many incredible beaches to choose from, it can be difficult for travelers to choose just one, which is why visiting more than one is so common. Knowing what beaches to visit will allow visitors to plan their trip and make the most of their time in Tel Aviv. If you want to visit Israel in the right way and also the beaches of tel aviv you should consider hiring a private tour guide in israel who can show you around.

Jerusalem (Geula) Beach

This beach is famous for all of the people who come to play matkot on the gorgeous sands. Not only can visitors enjoy playing a game, but they can also cool off in the incredible water and even get something to eat at the Tel Aviv’s Abulafia. This delicious bakery is located right next door to Shakes Pree. Tzfoni BeTayelet is another great option for eating, and the ideal stop for seeing the sunset.

Hilton Beach

A famous gay beach, Hilton Beach has a lot to offer. It boasts the Sea Centre Club, which offers amazing kayaking and windsurfing lessons for people of all skill levels. Even children and beginners can get in on the water sports fun at this beach. Thanks to the variety of restaurants that all have varied beach menus, this beach is a great option for spending all day or evening and can be used all summer or winter.

Bograshov Beach

Anyone who wants to be in the center of the action will want to head to this great beach. It’s not only a famous spot for tourists, but locals love to hang out here, as well. On one side of the beach is the incredible skyline of Tel Aviv, while on the other is the Mediterranean Sea. Caught between the two, it’s easy to see how this beach is such a prime option for people watching and for grabbing something delicious from a local eatery.

Gordon Beach

Gordon Beach is unlike other beaches in Tel Aviv mostly because it has plenty of lawns that people can lounge on when they are not swimming or playing in the water. This beach also boasts volleyball courts and a boardwalk that is great for taking an afternoon stroll. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and some of the outdoor bars even provide late night parties for dancing and partying.

Mezizim Beach

This is often the first beach that visitors come to when they arrive in Tel Aviv thanks to professional Ben Gurion airport VIP service. This ensures that visitors arrive at the beach quickly and that they have plenty of time to play and explore. With a great late night bar and a playground, this is a wonderful beach for people of all ages to visit.

Knowing what to expect at each of Tel Aviv’s amazing beaches will ensure that visitors are able to make the most of their time in this incredible city. Planning ahead is key to choosing which beaches to visit and fully enjoying time on the sand and in the water.

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