Everything You Need to Know About Home & Commercial Security Shutters

commercial security shutters

Security is essential in all spheres be it commercial or personal. Rolling shutters undoubtedly play a vital role in securing both residential and commercial premises. If you are thinking to install some quality shutters for either your commercial security or residential security, then the array of shutter options available out there may be a little overwhelming fort you. Picking an ideal set of home or commercial security shutters without having adequate knowledge on them might land you into a lousy investment. Rolling shutters are manufactured for many uses and can be used for both commercial and home security shutters. Both commercial and residential security shutters are made with robust metal alloys, which can easily protect your premises from intruders and help you cut down on the electricity bills.

So in case you are overwhelmed by various rolling shutter options, here’s your go-to guide to some of the most common types of security shutters available in the market.

1. Starting with the basics

In terms of how they operate, shutters are divided into two categories: manual and automatic roller shutters. Manual shutters as the name suggests, are controlled by manpower. You will essentially have to pull them down and push them while operating them. Automatic shutters on the contrary, are operated with the help of a motorized automated system. You can easily activate this system by pressing a button on the remote control. Automatic security shutters are perfect for doors that huge in size and naturally can’t be covered with the manual pressure or power of a regular shutter.

2. Divulging a bit deeper

Now within the categories of manual and automatic shutters, you can also select the option of manufacturing specifics such as perforated, grilled or opaque roller shutters depending on your requirements.

Perforated shutters come in both manual as well as automatic mode. Perforated metal executes strength and flexibility and thus, it is one of the best metals that can be used in making a rolling shutter. In case you want airflow and ample of sunlight along with sturdiness within your premises, perforated shutters are the way to go.

Coming to the grilled shutters now, instead of any perforated metal alloy, the material that goes into making these structures is a simple grill. These shutters execute an excellent blend of both: tough security and allowing a modest peak-in vision of the premises. Thus if you wish to always hint a glance of your magnificent premises while keeping the security in check, then grilled shutters are right for you.

Aside from perforated or grilled shutters , the most widely used security shutters especially for commercial premises, are the conventional opaque shutters. They are available in both manual as well as automatic categories and can be effectively used for homes and offices alike.

3. A few distinctive ones for your considerations

While the above-mentioned shutters are very commonly available in the market, we have a few rolling shutters that might especially catch your interest:

a. If you want a high-quality durable solution for your premises, then aluminum rolling shutters are what you need. Completely corrosion free and lightweight in nature, these shutters can ideally suit both kinds of environment, be it households and offices. These types of shutters come in two variations: single wall and double wall. You can opt for double wall aluminum shutters if you require insulation indoors. Lastly, these shutters can also reduce noise levels.

b. Did you ever know that you can also purchase transparent rolling shutters? Apart from being automatic and highly durable, these shutters provide clear visibility from both sides. Other than fitting well into your commercial premises, these shutters can also be used to create a sleek partition between your garden and your lobby. Using these, you can easily enjoy your garden view through without any blockages.

c. Lastly, you can also select the option of installing double walled shutters if your main goal is to have a noise free premises. Besides noise cancellation requirements, double walled shutters are also used to promote tight security on the commercial spaces. These shutters can also complement the furniture of the place, mainly because they have a rust-free finish with epoxy based powder coating. Due to these materials, you can artfully paint these shutters to suit your furniture and space.

Now that you have a fair understanding of some of the most popular kinds of shutters available in the market, finding the right type of rollers shouldn’t be that big of an issue. All you need is to have complete clarity behind the purpose of installing shutters, and you will immediately know which ones would best suit your requirements. Have a word with the rolling shutter installer at length, explaining all your essential criteria, and you will know what to get and why.


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