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A music video’s message can be anything from empowering, inspirational, emotional, silly, controversial, surprising or funny. The only expectation for a good playback is to satisfy the end result which is uniqueness.

People write music blog for albums that are more special from the rest. To this end, we have the Top 20 best music videos of 2019, released so far in our musical era. Remember the final product can be anything, but exceptional among the viewers.

#1: Caro

The Latin rapper from Puerto Rico, the U.S. and the reggaetón singer Bad Bunny displays his support to LGBTQ through this classic song. Being masculine and getting into the world of femininity, starting with his neon-clawed manicure, this song is a touch for both the classic Middle Ages to a trending love culture.

#2: 7 Rings

Nobody can hate money. Here comes Ariana Grande with a savage role for herself through glitz and glam. From her long ponytail to her diamonds, exudes financial success. The audience loves this sensational video.

#3: Land of the Free

Through this dramatic music album, a blogger or a writer can get so many ideas for his or her music blog regarding immigrants, solidarity, and other communal celebrations. The Killers have literally taken the current US political scenario which you should see it for yourself. In addition, we can’t forget to mention Brandon’s voice and his boldness.

#4: Wow

Post Malone’s Wow music album has gone non sequitur in his appearance. This instrumental music video is liked by all the rap fans today. The goofy sequence of charisma at the end of the video before the Arizona people is one such eye-catcher.

#5: Earfquake

Tyler, The Creator’s appearance in the video is seen with a teal coat suit and thick blonde hair top head. The fictional telecast show Pearl Edwards has guest Tyler giving a blazing performance which is idiosyncratically powerful. The video ends on fire.

#6: Glad He’s Gone

An extremely, hilariously genius song, from your ideal pal Tove Lo, expresses a best friend’s willingness for mourning a heart-broken male.  From boarding sinking ships, to standing over train’s tops, travelling through snows-sands, to random farmlands, the video has everything. Music blogs may get inspirations for describing how a friend talks to broken people.

#7: On A Roll

Here comes our Miley Cyrus, with a twist to Lady Gaga’s 2009 popstar garb and purple wig, and from the swirling background of Ariana Grande’s Problem album.  “On A Roll” has the best colors that a video needs for addiction.

#8: Bury a Friend

The spine-chilling music album from Billie Eilish is all set to have a horror theme to give life and soul to her best-ever spooky song. She has done a great job in making you think it was symbolization for sleep paralysis or a metaphor for loneliness and its fear.

#9:  Boy with Luv

Global BTS boys came with this album, Boy with Luv that takes full credit to joy in a natural tone. The boys are seen with pastel-colored coats upon them, dancing in places everywhere possible. From a movie theatre to giant piano sets, the 7 have made an aesthetically pleasing video.

#10: Sucker

The Jonas brothers Nick, Joe, and Kevin have taken love symbolizing not hearts or reds, but flamboyant costumes, some ridiculous acts, and moves, to all the drama that is needed for an album to hit. Alongside starring the Jonas sisters, the 6 have taken this video to a new peak.

#11: Rainbow

A rainbow that will rise up above the grey skylights is the theme behind Kacey Musgraves’ video. Having specific colors to every life problem, Kacey left a hopeful voice for the future through this beautiful country song.

#12: Old Town Road

Everyone who is a fan of Lil Nas X gets to know that he is a charismatic fellow, but the new Old Town Road will make everyone be in awe of his cowboy moves. Want a video song for writing a music blog which has dramatic cinema-like scenes? This song has it all.

#13: Unemployed

Tierra Whack’s Unemployed music album had higher expectations from the previous 15-minute video in 2018. But reaching people’s satisfaction from this kitchen song, it successfully made into the top 20 best songs. Tierra and a potato’s styles are both cute and eerie to watch.

#14: Talk

Khalid’s Talk video has the full rights to fall under the top 20. How? Beautiful visualization, squared colorful boxes, and some cheeky dance moves.

#15: Suge

Do you want some good laughs added with a spice of fun in a song? Then here comes DaBaby’s Suge song. This rap versus hip-hop genre is all set to honor the music executive and American recorder, Suge Knight.

#16: Cellophane

FKA Twig’s best ever Cellophane takes a brand-new level to her song after her debut from 3 years before in 2016. From her amazing glazing heels to her mind-bending pole dance, she deserves success from this song.

#17: More Than That

The fever dream song which has Botticelli-inspired themes has the most beautiful shades along with showcasing the powerful feminine beauty, all-in-one-song.

#18: Dark Ballet

Madonna’s Dark Ballet song features Mike Blanco, who is seen as Joan. Joan is denoted as the Joan of Arc who is the inspiration to this whole video. The song is a hit, both for the powerful visual message it gives and also the heavy auto-tuned vocals from Madonna.

#19: You Need to Calm Down

People’s favorite, Taylor Swift, made this album song with controversies, whether she raised complaints indirectly about her apolitical assumptions or showed she is a true supporter for LGBTQ. Every color that a song must have is incorporated into this colorful unicorn song.

#20: I Don’t Care

You cannot resist the editing in this music album that is portraying the trendy combination of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.   No hate, no offense, no money, no fast dances; just pure fun, joy, colors, and cuteness from 2 stellar voices.


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