Convert Your Space: 5 Basement Renovation Ideas

Convert Your Space: 5 Basement Renovation Ideas

You can see a 70% return on your basement remodel if you plan on selling your home. However, that isn’t the only perk, especially if you anticipate staying put for a while.

Unfinished basements are dark dingy places that no one likes to go except when you need extra storage space. By remodeling it, you can enjoy more of your house, plus add a room that you always needed.

Use these basement renovation ideas to get more family-friendly and practical use out of your downstairs.

1. Industrial Unfinished Look

When you think of a basement renovation, you might go into shock thinking that you have to put up drywall, a ceiling, new floors, and decorate an entire floor of your home.

“What will this cost me,” you might ask? Well, with a little bit of creativity, it doesn’t have to break your budget.

First, concentrate on the necessities. You may need concrete leveling to fix any cracks or foundation issues. Then think cosmetically but with restraint. Area rugs or a quick concrete staining job can brighten the floors with little cost.

Leave the industrial look with exposed beams but give them a paint job to make it look intentional and fresh.

The furniture can also remain simplistic. Bean bags chairs, refurbished furniture, and retro stools can all come together for a cool basement-themed look.

2. The Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you are really trying to make a mark, then this basement idea might be more of an investment.

Your main floor might not offer you the space you need for that large commercial-style kitchen you always dreamed of, but your basement certainly doesn’t have to come up short.

There will be enough space for an island, new wooden cabinets, and even a large table for family gatherings. You can even bring down some of your upstairs kitchen gadgets to your new cooking haven.

3. Bright White Guest Room

Remodeled basement ideas can help you when family and friends come to visit. They can have their own room to stay comfortably without feeling like they’ve been thrown in a cold basement.

Help them appreciate your hospitality with a little bit of paint. White walls help make the basement look less dark and dungeon-like.

You can even add a window to the room for natural sunlight to shine in on them.

4. Entertainment Lounge

Use the darkness of your basement remodels by creating a nighttime entertainment area.

Home theaters work best in the basement because you get no glare. You also have the room for a big screen plus seating.

Add some games like a pool table. Then get some low hanging lights and a bar for a get-a-way without getting away.

5. Airy Office Space

Basement remodeling ideas can also mean business. You can create the workspace you need that gives you some privacy and design freedom.

Choose a large desk that will only fit in the basement with comfortable seating and natural sunlight bulbs to keep you alert. You can even add a small refrigerator or kitchenette for convenient snacking.

Your new home office can improve your productivity with perfect styling choices. Use cheerful wall colors and motivational paintings.

DIY Basement Renovation Ideas

Many of these basement renovation ideas can be “do it yourself” because they just take a keen eye. From painting to choosing the right furniture, a comfortable basement can come together with a little tender, love, and care.

For more DIY ideas for your home visit the DIY section of our For the Home blog.


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