5 Genius Child Devices that Can Save Lives


Protecting a child from the many risks and dangers posed by a lot of seemingly simple things is a full-time job on its own. There is a reason why most parents, especially those with newborns, are usually thought to be pessimistic and dramatic.


This is because once you give birth, you begin to see things anew and you realise the many ways that harmless objects can cause harm to your child. Thankfully, a lot of devices have been developed for the sole purpose of safeguarding children from inadvertently causing damage to themselves.


There are many of these safety products on the market presently, each with its unique features and usefulness. However, there are a few of these devices that are very important and can not be done without.


Here are 5 of the essential products for ensuring a child’s safety;


Outlet guards and cord covers

Electricity can pose a severe risk to children, as evidenced by the number of injuries caused by electrocution according to statistics. This is the primary reason why steps should be taken to help children, especially those that can crawl and walk, to satisfy their curious minds without getting into danger.


Installing outlet guards over every electric outlet and placing cords and plugs into cord covers is an excellent way of eliminating the risk of injuries caused by electricity. These devices will prevent children from sticking their little fingers into sockets or pulling on connected plugs.


Safety gates

Some areas in the home, especially the kitchen and fireplace, pose a higher amount of risk for children due to the presence of fire, hot and sharp objects. Prevent your child from going into areas or rooms containing potential danger by installing safety gates.


These gates should also be installed at the top and bottom of staircases to prevent children from climbing the stairs and falling over. A good safety gate should be easy to open for adults but difficult for babies.


Car seats

Vehicles pose several risks for both adults and children. This is the reason why precautions must be taken to ensure that children will be adequately protected in case something goes wrong.


Just like a seatbelt for adults, high-quality child car seats protect babies from injuries caused by accidents. Choose a durable and sturdy car seat that is equipped with practical parts for ensuring maximum protection for your child.


Ensure the seat is in line with the laws in your particular state for the age and stage of your child. Inspect the seats regularly and make sure they are correctly installed.


Knob covers

Knobs on doors, stoves, cabinets and drawers are potential causes of harm and so must be adequately proofed to protect children. Knob covers prevent children from getting into rooms, turning stoves on and opening kitchen and medicine cabinets.

These covers reduce the risk of children getting into cleaning supplies and ingesting them. They also prevent kids from pulling drawers out, which can upset the balance of dressers or desks and cause them to tip over.


Window guards

There is no telling when your child will decide to explore by climbing their cribs and windows. Children falling out of open windows, even those on the ground floor, can cause a lot of injuries.


Installing window guards on every window in your home is a surefire way of preventing this type of accident from happening. Choose window guards with less than 3 inches of space between guards so that babies will not be able to slip through them.


Always ensure that cords on window shades are kept out of reach of children to prevent strangulation.


Once you have these preventive measures in place, you can rest assured that your child is protected.



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