Top 7 Business Casual Shoes for Women 2019

Business casual shoes for women

You can buy plenty of clothes and stack your wardrobe, but you can’t do that for shoes. Every time you buy new apparel, you wouldn’t want to buy a new pair of shoes. Clothes can often be mixed and matched if you have the right style sense. But you can’t usually wear stilettoes to work unless you’re modeling! Here, we will share business casual shoes for women so that you can have the right pair with your formals. You can primarily use them to work but they also complement your casual outfits.

Guide to buy business casual shoes

Check out tips to keep in mind when buying good pairs of shoes for work:

1. Quality

The quality of shoes you buy is the foremost thing. Although this should always be a priority, you need to understand why it’s more important at work. You stay on your feet for six to eight hours a day, and it’s a crucial time for you. It is not like a party where you could let pointed heels hurt you for a while.

Make sure work shoes are not just stylish but also comfortable. Don’t buy cheaper options just because a pair looks decent. Don’t go for modest materials if you plan to wear it almost every day.

2. Maintenance

When you buy a pair of shoes for hundreds of dollars, you want it to last. In order to make it last, you need to take proper care. You cannot buy a pair where the heels break in a month or soles loosen up. If these happen after months of rough use, it should be in a repairable state.

3. Buy more colors

The usual reason why we women don’t get the perfect match of shoes with clothing is the color and not the type. The type does make a difference but the color is the first thing that might or might not complement the outfit. It also catches quick attention and lets a person make a judgment on if the shoes and womens sandals are suiting the outfit or not.

4. Keep an extra pair

Don’t just buy one pair of shoes and use them every day. You never know when it needs a replacement and how far you’re from a shoe shop. Keep at least three pairs of shoes that you can wear and whenever you need. Try to keep extras of black, white, and brown that you can blend with almost any outfit.

Business casual shoes for women

Time you check the styles of business casual shoes for women and start searching them on your favorite e-commerce website:

1. Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots don’t just complement pretty dresses you wear to parties, but also for the office look. On a cold wintery day, when you want to keep yourself covered, all you need is a formal blazer over a casual tee. Wear a pair of jeans that is covered with the knee-high boots. You could also pair this up with a formal top and skirt look, cover your legs in stocking and let the boots follow.

2. Heels

Heels have always been in fashion, but business casual shoes for women 2019 brings back the vintage pairs. From the T-straps to the polka dot prints, there is a lot to choose from. These shoes make your look wacky, keeping the casual part intact, but also have the formal essence.

Looking for the perfect pair to wear with a short format dress? Make everyone glare at a pair of vintage heels.

3. Work sneakers

In the past, people would laugh if women considered wearing sneakers to work. But if you can actually get a pair of neat sneakers it can fit the business casual look like others. After all, it is supposed to be a blend of formals and comfort.

These will work with both jeans and skirts, but you can also try flowy pants. These are not just comfortable but durable too. You can also take the slip-on converse that is pretty convenient without having to lace it up every time you get to work.

4. Loafers

Loafers are comfortable, pretty, and slightly masculine. We say this because we’ve usually seen more men wear these. This year, the hype of loafers for women has been more than ever. These are now designed and produced in a versatile way and looks feminine too. You can simply feel comfortable and confident together, and that’s a powerful combination.

Pair up loafers with jeans and pants, but dare you try it with skirts too! Don’t just add a pair of black loafers that give you an edgy look, but also try colors and prints.

.business casual shoes for women loafers

5. Brogues

Here’s breaking another myth – brogues are not just for men. Even women can try them and make the formal look more classy. Be a pair of classic black or brown, or colorful options that make you look quirky, try adding a pair of these too on your list.

business casual shoes for women brogues

6. Clog shoes

Loafers and brogues are good, but there is more you can experiment with when it comes to business casual shoes. One style that has been brought back in 2019 is the clogs for women. If you can carry them and they don’t hurt you, you’re in for a massive transformation.

You can either go for a typical black or brown pair or choose attractive colors like yellow and red. These shoes are perfect when you don’t have much running around to do and you’re mostly at your desk. Moreover, you’re covered for the office party that starts right after work.

7. Office ballerinas

Looking for a classic addition to your shoe collection? Try new styles of office ballerinas. If you haven’t ever bought a pair, try the classic sheer black option. If you have tried them, go for the pointed and buckled options that have been doing rounds in the market.

Ballerinas have been common official wear for celebs and ordinary people alike. You can pair it up with a dress, a skirt, or even shirts and trousers. Just make sure you’re comfortable walking in them or again resort to just desk jobs for the day.

business casual shoes for women ballerinas

Final thoughts

Don’t let anyone tell you how to style your clothes or what shoes to wear. We have you covered with the best ideas on both ends. It is time you pick the right styles for your outfits and justify yourself style quotient.


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