Dance Till you Drop in these Best Night Clubs in Goa

Club Cabana

Goa is undoubtedly the best place when you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine. The tropical land is known for the breathtaking views of the beach and the bustling nightlife. It is considered as being the ultimate party destination for anyone, starting from the best star-studded nights to the ravishing beach parties. Here are the best night club in Goa experiences to be experienced with friends and family.

If you wish to let your hair down, the night clubs in Goa are the best places to visit. While some offer a relaxing environment, some are ideal for hard core night partying. Whether you are a diehard party animal or someone who only wishes to relax and have some drinks, Goa has something for everyone. Here is a list of the best night clubs in Goa to dance the night away:

1. Hill Top

Hill top is where you will enjoy Goa psychedelic trance party. This is the best night club in Goawith an iconic venue with open-air that has been in the business since ages. This place has beautifully evolved from being a small restaurant into a Mecca for psychedelic trance hosting artists from all over the world. Groovy art installations and neon palm trees give the place a trippy vibe.

Here the parties take place every Sunday from 5 pm to 10 pm, along with other special occasions such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. They have also started to host a funky all-day market known as ‘Goa Collective’ every Friday.

2. LPK Waterfront

LPK Waterfront is situated in Nerul in Goa, which is a club like no other. The club stands for Love. Passion. Karma. All the three elements are engraved in everything out there from the terracotta sculptures to the old church. The party comes with a beautiful stone structure that makes it extremely unique. Party here all night until you lounge around on the beach the next day.

Visit this place early to take an enchanting sunset and get wild with your folks on the dance floor. Entry charges for this nightclub are a mere Rs. 100 that includes unlimited drinks. This is one of the best party clubs in North Goa offering a breath-taking view. It offers beautiful surroundings and a spacious dance floor for you to dance all night.

3. SinQ Nightclubs

This is one amongst the best night club in Goa where you can go to discover the best parties in town. This place offers spacious surroundings along with a dance floor for letting your worries at bay. There is also an outdoor area which comprises of a pool, a bar, white cabanas and a lot more. This place is nothing less than a heaven for the die-hard party lovers.

This is a gem situated on the Fort Aguada Street in Candolim and gets you to groove all night since the moment you enter the nightclub. The ambiance and neon lighting and the maddening crowd make it the hotspot of North Goa. The club comes with a host of locals along with travelling party poppers regularly visiting. The tourists stay up till dawn while partying all night away.

4. Club Cabana

The club is known as being the nightclub in the sky as it is located on the hill top. The pub offers a gorgeous view of nature to its visitors. Make use of the jeep of the club and stairs and reach the hill top to experience the most beautiful view. A great dance floor, a bar, and a swimming pool are what the club has to offer for the enjoyment of the visitors.

The best thing is the mind blowing location along with the cool setting of the club among the treetops under the starlit sky. It is located on the top of Arpora Hill which offers a spectacular view. It is preferred by people loving the multi-level dance floors, neon-lit and open-air bar.

It also boasts an outdoor area comprising a big pool in the centre along with a reserved area, especially for ladies. The cover charge includes unlimited drinks and is a perfect place to visit with your folks and shake a leg with your dance buddies.

5. Antares Beach Club, Vagator

This is a popular destination with a super stylish seating and palm trees surrounding the place. The beach club serves as one of the most aesthetically pleasing clubs in Goa. It has a wide range of cuisine that spans from French to Goan.

It is a must visit for those wishing to engage in the authentic culture of Goa. Visit this place during sunset to experience the best time. It also has resort accommodation attached to it which lets you stay in the beautiful property.


Goa is known for its rocking nightclubs and party destinations. Have great fun by paying a visit to one of these anytime soon. These best night clubs in Goa are the best places to visit in Goa which offer the best ambiance, food, and vibe to set your legs dancing.


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