Beaches Near Pune for Weekend Getaways in Maharashtra

beaches near pune

Maharashtra has a beautiful coastline that extends long possesses some of the best beaches. The beaches are great weekend getaways and offer some fun and exciting activities to perform. So, if you are planning your trip to Maharashtra anywhere soon, then start reading our blog. We have covered some of the best beaches near Pune that you would love to visit. Hang in there before you book your tickets to Maharashtra!

Beaches Near Pune

The beaches near Pune are beautiful and have a scenic beauty that you are sure to adore. Plus, some of them also offer fun and adventurous activities that you would love to try out at a beach.

So, before you start planning an itinerary to the exotic coastline, let us see some beaches near Pune. Here are the following:

Kihim beach

Pune to Kihim beach is a short journey. People who live in Pune plan their short weekend trips to this seaside. It is a quiet and calm beachside that gives you a fair chance to relax and enjoy its scenic beauty.

The water at the Kihim beach has an emerald green hue. You will find the water to sparkle when the rays of the sun fall on the beach. Plan your trip to this beach, and you are sure to love the sunset and spend a relaxing time at the seaside.

Approximate time to reach the Kihim beach: Pune to Kihim beach is only around 140 kilometers. So, it will take you approximately two hours to reach this exotic beachside.

Activities to try out at Kihim: There are not many activities you can try out at the Kihim beach. But you can indeed enjoy bird watching, sunset and relax your tired self when at the beach.

beaches near pune

Alibaug beach

From seeing the magnificent sunset, dark blue sea, and golden sand, Alibaug has everything that any magnificent seaside offers. It is considered one of the most popular beaches near Pune. The beach gives anyone who visits this place the perfect boost of rejuvenation and relaxation. Apart from enjoying the scenic beauty of the Alibaug beach, you can enjoy some delicious seafood and boat rides too.

Approximate time to reach Alibaug beach: To reach the Alibaug beach from Pune takes around 145 kilometers. All of which might take a little more than two hours.

Activities to try out at the beach: When you are on this magnificent beach, you can try exploring the Kulaba Fort. It would help if you reached the fort by taking a boat ride. So, plan your visit to the fort at sunset to enjoy the magnificent beauty of your boat. Also, don’t miss out on trying out some delicious meals at the shacks that are around the beach.

Alibaug beach

Mandwa beach

Mandwa also counts among the best beaches to visit near Pune. You will find the shores of this beach to be sparsely crowded with a soothing climate that you are sure to enjoy. More so, the beautiful backdrop and tranquility of the water are indeed mesmerizing. There are several watersports that adventurous visitors might like to indulge in. So, Mandwa is a beach that welcomes people of all kinds. It is ideal for people who want to relax as well as visitors who would love adventurous activities.

Approximate time to reach the Mandwa beach: It takes around three and a half hours to cover 150 kilometers from the city of Pune.

Activities to try out at the beach: You can try out kayaking, jet-ski rides, and bumper rides when you are at the Mandawa beach. Plus, don’t miss out on munching snacks at the shacks by the beach.

beaches near pune

Murud beach

The Murud beach is considered one of the most silent beaches near Pune. You will find the sandy shores in glittering white hue, and the entire seaside is calm and serene. If you stay in a cacophonous setting for a long time – the Murud beach is sure to be a rush of fresh air.

Approximate time to reach the Murud beach: To cover the distance from Pune to Murud, it will take you around three hours 40 minutes. And the total distance is 160 kilometers.

Activities to try out at the beach: One of the tourist places near Pune is the Murud-Janjira fort. So, when you are at the beach of Murud, you can visit this fort and explore its beauty. Apart from that, you can ease out at the beachside resorts and take a sunbathe if you wish.

beaches near pune

Kashid beach

The Kashid beach Pune is one of the beachsides that people dream of visiting. It boasts of azure blue water, white sands, and enclosure of the beautiful casuarina groves. Couples love to spend a quiet and romantic time when at Kashid beach. Plus, the adventurous and fun activities are enthralling and exciting.

Approximate time to reach Kashid beach: You will take a little more than three hours to reach this beach. It is around 170 kilometers away from the city of Pune.

Activities to try out at the beach: You can try out activities like parasailing, surfing, banana boat ride, and more. Also, if you love riding the water scooter, this seaside will gladly offer you that too.

Kashid beach

Diveagar beach

The Diveagar beach also counts among the exotic beaches near Pune. It has a calm and tranquil vibe that anyone who visits this place falls in love with. Tourists from all over the world love to visit this beach for its immaculateness and quietness.

Approximate time to reach Diveagar: You will take more than four hours to reach this exotic beach. The time is slightly more than the other beaches as it covers more than 170 kilometers from the city of Pune. But if you avail the Tamhini ghat road, you might reach within four hours.

Activities to try out at the Diveagar beach:

Apart from admiring the beauty and tranquility of the beach, you can try spotting the crabs and seagulls.

diveagar beach

Dapoli beach

Dapoli is a beach that nestles around the Konkan coastline. It is spectacularly clean and welcomes travelers from all over the world. The entire beach is encircled by the sheoak plantations and homes some lovely seafood. So, when you are at the beach, why not plan a campfire and enjoy a delicious meal? It is going to be the perfect weekend trip to enjoy when you are in Maharashtra.

Approximate time to reach the Dapoli beach:

If you avail of Mandangad, you will reach the Dapoli beach in four hours from Pune. The Dapoli beach is around 186 kilometers away from Pune.

Activities to try out at the beach:

One of the fascinating things to try out at the beach is to watch dolphins. You can sit by the sea and admire the way dolphins play with each other. Also, visitors love playing volleyball, frisbee when at the beach. Plus, you can enjoy a hot spring that is close to the beach.

If you are a water sports lover, this beach can offer you plenty as well.

beaches near pune

Velas Beach

When you are looking for the best beaches near Pune, the Velas beach also counts among them. You can enjoy the charming and tranquil essence of this beach. Several turtles are walking around the beach that you are sure to enjoy watching. Also, don’t forget to try out the delicious food available at the beach shacks.

Approximate time to reach Velas beach: To reach Velas beach, you should avail of the Tamhini Ghat road as it will take around five hours to reach. The distance from Pune to Velas beach is around 190 kilometers.

Activities to try out at the beach: When you are at the Velas beach, don’t miss seeing the turtle festivals. You can also go swimming on the beautiful beach or try out parasailing.

Velas Beach

Quick tips to note while visiting beaches during COVID

Now that we have got you all the best beaches near Pune, we are sure you are waiting to visit each of the seaside mentioned above. So, we thought of giving you 9 tips that will help you stay safe at the beach. Check out the following:

Maintain a 6-feet distance when you are in the water

When you are at the beach, you should maintain a six-foot distance to avoid contact with other people. Since coronavirus is not airborne, you can try to maintain this distance to keep yourself safe. Also, try to choose the beaches near Pune that are scarcely populated to maintain distance easily.

Do not forget the necessities

Always contain plenty of sunscreens, towels, soaps, and wipes when you are at the beach. Also, don’t forget to carry your sunglasses with you when you are traveling to the beach.

Always carry beach-friendly shoes

Always carry sandals that do not get destroyed in the water. You can wear waterproof flip-flops so that you can wash off the sand easily. Also, don’t forget to carry an extra pair of slippers if you lose the one you are wearing in the waves.

Carry your swimming gear and beach toys

Apart from carrying all the necessary items, don’t miss out on carrying your swimming gear. It is vital clothing when you plan to take a trip to a beachside. Also, carry your beach toys to enjoy playing at the shore and have a fun time with your family, friends, or partner.

Always wear your mask when you are moving around

Mask is the most essential part of keeping you safe from COVID. So, it is advisable to wear a mask whenever you are around people. Also, don’t forget to carry some extra masks if the one you are wearing gets wet.

Don’t forget to check out the latest rules of the specific beach you are visiting

When you are planning your trip, always check out the latest rules. The rules and regulations may vary from one place to another. So, it is always best to check them out before you are visiting the beaches.

Avoid sharing your food, towels, swimming gears, and more with strangers

It is best to avoid sharing any belongings and food with any stranger with the scenario right now. That is because you are unaware of their contacts, and it might increase the chance of causing COVID. So, it is advisable to avoid coming in contact with any stranger.


Always sanitize yourself at regular intervals. It is best to carry soap, but if you don’t get a chance to wash your hands with it, use a sanitizer. Ideally, use a sanitizer that has more than 60% alcohol present in the sanitizer.

Plan your trip during the off-season

To avoid crowds, it is best to plan your trip to Maharashtra during the off-season. So, you will find the beaches to less crowded, plus you can enjoy the serene beauty of the exotic beachside.

Final Thoughts

As we bring you to the end of our blog today, we are sure you have some of the best beaches to visit near Pune. All the beaches above are exotic and have the most extraordinary beauty that you are sure to adore. If you are an adventurous person, some of the beaches mentioned above offer some water sports too. The seafood available at the beach shacks is delicious, and it is indeed going to stir your tastebuds. The resorts available at the beach can cater to all your requirements. So, you can either choose from the expensive or budget beach resorts near Pune, and you are good to go!

But don’t forget to follow the quick tips mentioned above when planning your trip to any of the Pune beaches. Since COVID is yet to leave us, let us not forget to take the necessary precautions to remain safe. Always carry a mask and try to plan your trip during the time it is least crowded. Plus, when you are at the beach, try to keep a lifeguard and life-jacket handy. Visit the beaches and let us know in the comment section below which one you liked the best!


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