How to Add Value to Your Home

How To Add Value To Your Home

Adding value to your home can look many different ways. Using a Realtor to ensure you have the support and understanding you need to pull off the right decisions is crucial in the process, but proper preparation comes up right alongside this helpful ally. So, what are some of the best ways to add value to your home?

Generally, you can consider the ways to add value to your home in two categories: those that occur long before you put your house on the market, and those that occur very close or just after doing so. The reason for this division is that some tasks require forethought and planning, whereas others can only be done after the house is already in the selling phase of the process. Let’s take a look at each of these stages in turn.

Getting Ready to Sell Your Property

Before you actually list your home on the market, you’ll want to ensure that it has the best chance at success. Home renovations, both inside and outside the building, are a great way to add value while also ensuring the house is properly prepared for when you decide to sell. Taking these steps early on will not only help you feel ready for the change, but will also give you the necessary maneuverability when issues inevitably arise. Below, we look at the best interior and exterior renovations for adding value to your home.

Interior Renovations

Despite what many people say, not all renovations equate to more value. This makes sense intuitively, especially when you use an absurd illustration. Renovating your home to emulate a 1700s sugar or rum transport ship may sound super cool in concept, but living in a dank and humid wooden den is not high up on many modern people’s wish lists. A more realistic example might be adding walls to remove the open-concept nature of a home to provide a cozier feel.

However, in spite of this, there are many interior renovations that are general enough to have better-perceived value for all home buyers. These include finishing a basement and basic maintenance repairs, like painting the walls, replacing any worn or damaged flooring, upgrading to energy-efficient windows and so on. What all these renovations have in common is that they do not rely on one person’s specific sense of style to be effective, making them a good choice overall.

Exterior Renovations

Your perspective on exterior renovations should be similar to the interior ones, but not identical. Again, you don’t want to go over the top and try to grow an urban orchard or anything crazy like that. But, making sure your eavestroughs and siding are in tip-top shape? Now that’s a great idea.

Exterior renovations also include adding a concrete pad for an unpaved driveway or hiring a landscaper to trim back and beautify and greenery. The value of curb appeal continues to increase, as it is usually equated with the first impression people get from a potential home. Work with your real estate agent and other qualified professionals to decide on the right interior and exterior renovations for your home.

Selling Your Property

With renovations out of the way, your home is ready to be put on the market. You’ll want to find some professional Realtors and other property-related professionals to assist you in this process, but there are other factors that you can control and should consider, so as to ensure maximum preparation. By taking these steps, you’ll help ensure that your home achieves its peak value. Below, we look at these steps in more detail.

Working with a Qualified Realtor

Working with a qualified Realtor is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. Not only do they act as a literal salesperson for your house, but they also ensure that its visibility is the best it can be. By attracting more buyers to the house, they are able to create competition, interest and higher pricing. But their benefits don’t stop there; not by a long shot.

The right Realtor will also work with you to plan renovations, upgrades and other projects that could physically improve the value of your house. Add to that the staging and other effects that come standard with these property professionals, and you have a recipe for success on your hands. This, combined with the knowledge you’ll gain from working with and asking questions of your Realtor will provide unparalleled value to your home and your own personal know-how as well.

Choosing the Right Time to List

One of the other major factors that can add value to your home is choosing the right time to put it on the market. House sales tend to follow a reliable curve throughout the year, wherein they drop off during the fall and winter months, and rise dramatically in the spring and summer. By planning when you list, you can give your house the chance to succeed in a busy season rather than devaluing it by a long listing time that starts in winter.

But, this is no easy task to plan on your own, which is just another reason that a qualified Realtor can make all the difference. In fact, they are such an important part of adding value to your home that understanding what to look for in the best of them is worth its own section. Below, that section is expanded upon so you can have a clear understanding of what to look for in a qualified, competent and experienced real estate agent.


No other quality quite makes such a difference as experience when it comes to Realtors. With experience these professionals learn how to avoid common pitfalls, find diamonds in the rough and make the most of every opportunity. This is further compounded by their ability to advocate and speak with their clients, but more on that in just a minute.

Market Knowledge

Another key factor to consider when choosing a real estate agent is their knowledge of the market. Working with someone who is intimately familiar with the city or jurisdiction where they work can be a great benefit. They will be familiar with all the parts of the city, including any tricky by-laws, tax considerations and so on.


The final consideration for a real estate agent should be their personability. The more you want to spend time with them, the more likely they are to be a shrewd negotiator and a capable salesperson. After all, they are there to help make your home as valuable as possible, so being able to demonstrate their likeable personality and ability to hold a conversation are both excellent indicators of the stuff they need to secure you the best results possible from the sale of your home, especially when attempting to add as much value as they can.

Don’t worry about finding the right Realtor on the first try. Sometimes it can take a few false starts to find the best person for the job. Just remember that you need to be willing to work with them to secure the best results as well and you’ll do just fine. Enjoy the house hunt and successful sale that await you!



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