Expert Tips on the Best Uses of Cannabis Extracts You Haven’t Considered Yet

Expert Tips on the Best Uses of Cannabis Extracts You Haven't Considered Yet

With all the different forms of cannabis extracts made today you might be wondering how do I smoke that? You must also be aware of weight to cost ratios, proper storage and handling, and necessary accessories.

The world of concentrates can be confusing for even the most avid weed enthusiasts.

Luckily, there is a positive side to the vast boom of commercial concentrate production: information. With its legalization, weed origins, processing methods, and ingredients are well known to the consumer.

Read on to find out all the ways you can use the different varieties of cannabis extracts.

Benefits of Using Extracts

Now that cannabis is legal in 33 states, including recreational use in 11 of those states, business is booming. This means companies are finding new (and old) ways to mass-produce cannabis products.

Cannabis concentrates aren’t new to the world of weed. Novices have been experimenting with various extraction methods since the dawn of time.

And this wasn’t just for fun. There are many benefits to extracting the terpenes from the cannabis plant. Here are a few:

  • Higher Potency– The biggest advantage of concentrates is that it has a higher potency per weigh. Many extracts have as high as 90% THC levels.
  • Lower Costs– Higher potency means you don’t have to buy as much as a consumer. For companies, it means it costs less for you to process because of drying, curing, and trimming is not needed.
  • Larger Yield– More potent products make larger yields, especially if you use mass-produced plants.
  • Smoke Less– You only have to smoke or ingest small amounts of an extract because of its potency. This means less strain on your lungs and wallet.
  • Many Applications– You can do more than smoke concentrates. Extracts are used in lotions, tinctures, edibles, and capsules.

The main point to take from the advantages of using, producing, and selling concentrates is you get more for your money due to higher potency.

Types of Cannabis Extracts

So, you want to try cannabis extracts but don’t know where to start and which one works best for you. You may have heard of or even tried vaping, but there are many other forms of THC extract oil.

Every form of extract has a distinct texture, potency, fragrance, and method of consumption. Some of these basic terms can have several applications. However, the standard variety will depend on the extraction method as will we see later.

  • Oil- This is the most generic term for the thick liquid used most commonly in vape pens. They are also added to a carrier like coconut oil to be used in capsules, edibles, and essential oil drops.
  • Tinctures- It may look similar to oil, but tinctures are alcohol-based and are primarily used by placing drops under the tongue.
  • Hash- There are several forms of hash, but it generally is a solid mass of pressurized trichomes (fibers on the plant). Hash is easy to work and can be broken up to add on top of flower or dabbed.
  • Shatter- Being slightly harder than hash, shatter gets its name because it looks like glass that could break. It is perfect for dabbing because it stays hard until under high heat.
  • Kief- If you’ve ever used a grinder, then the leftover is called kief. It is the crystals from the outside of the plant. They are perfect for joints or a topping of a bowl.
  • Wax- It can be whipped to make a sticky and consistency or dried into a more fragile crumble. The whipped budder is great for dabbing while the honeycomb crumbs are better as a topping.

Most of these forms can further be manipulated into new consistencies, but you get a general idea when purchasing them in raw form.

Extraction Techniques

Before we learn how to use concentrates, let’s go over how there are made. This will show you the industrial process as well as ways to make concentrates at home easily.


To remove all of the weed oil from the plant, most commercial processing involves a solvent.

Chemicals like CO2 or ethanol are used to catch all the terpenes and cannabinoids. The chemicals are then usually evaporated to leave only cannabis remits.

  • Hydrocarbonation- Butane and/or propane gathers oils while leaving the plant’s genetic makeup in tack. It is also a cheap process that makes potent hash.
  • CO2- Under pressure, CO2 removes oils in a safe and cheap procedure. It creates liquid extracts like oil and the base for tinctures.
  • Distillation- This method further refines an extract to isolate THC, CBD, or other cannabinoids for multiple uses like edibles and vape oils.


This is the chemical-free yet more labor-intensive process. Many people use these methods at home since they are considered to be more hands-on and not for mass production.

Organic items like pressure, temperature, and water are used instead of chemicals.

  • Dry Sift- This is the method for producing kief where the crystals are manually rubbed off of the leaves of a plant.
  • Ice Water- Bubble hash is created by this time-consuming method of agitating flower in ice water. It is then filtered through several layers of mesh bags. The more you work it, the better the hash.
  • Rosin- Using heat, rosin is made when added pressure squeezes the oil from cannabis. It can be extracted from hash, flower, and even kief.

Whether extracting at home or buying concentrates from a store, knowing how they are made makes you more knowable about how to use them.

Using Cannabis Concentrates

Before you buy your next extract, you want to know about how to use THC concentrate.

Will you be smoking it using a vaporizer or do you have a dabbing rig? Or do you prefer edibles, lotions, and capsules that have infused extracts?

If you want to get the full flavor of cannabis then smoking or vaping will be your best options. But, if you just want to experiment with the effects, then an infused product will suit you. (

The Future of Cannabis

Some might say that the future is cannabis extracts. There are so many ways to use and infuse them. Plus, they are discrete, potent, and cost-effective.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Do you think concentrates will outdo the classic flower as people’s preferred form of cannabis?


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