Dressing For Your Body Type

Dressing For Your Body Type

It can be hard finding your confidence. In the Instagram age that we’re living in, it can be so easy to compare yourself to someone else. You may look at your body and think that you’re too fat, too thin, or that your proportions are all wrong.

Thinking like that is very unhelpful to ourselves, and as difficult as it can be, we need to avoid that mindset.

Finding positivity in our bodies can be difficult, and everyone will differ in the levels that they are willing to accept, or even love themselves. But, as self-conscious as you may be about a particular part of your body, you are beautiful and unique, and your body should be celebrated for all of the fantastic gifts that nature has blessed you with.

Everyone is different. People come in all shapes and sizes, and as such, what works for one person’s figure, may not work for another. But understanding your body type will help you find the right styles of clothing to accentuate your features and make you feel good about yourself.

Though you may find it a challenge in many stores to find clothes that suit you, there are plenty of stores that supply clothing for women of all sizes and shapes. Once you know the types of clothing you should go for; then you’ll be able to shop around much easier.

The Apple Body Shape

Women with an apple-shaped body are often fuller in the middle, and around the waist, which can leave you feeling self-conscious. However, your hips and legs are often features that you can accentuate to help you feel good about yourself.

Think about a balcony, or push-up bra to give your bust some extra lift. You can wear body shaping pants to help you create a more defined waistline. You can highlight this even more with a wrap-around dress. While pleated skirts can bring the best out of your legs, wedges and heels will also help here. An empire or an A-line dress can help to improve your waste line.

Think about getting patterned dresses as this will help to draw attention away from your waistline.

The Pear Shaped Body

Women with a pear shape body have fuller hips and thighs, and narrow shoulders. Your upper body is smaller than your lower body. If the right clothes are worn, your beautiful curves can be flaunted.

Consider wearing a push-up or padded bra to help balance out your upper body. You can look to flatter the top of your body with some detail around your neckline. Wrap-around dresses are quite flattering to your body type, and block heels will elongate your legs.

Wearing patterns on your top half can help to create a more balanced look.

The Inverted Triangle Body

People with this body shape have broader shoulders and fuller busts while being quite slender on the hips, thighs, bum, and legs.

A-line skirts help to bring out your hips, and flared skirts can help to provide some balance to your lower half. Circle skirts also work well on this body type, as do shorter skirts and leggings. Asymmetric dresses will suit you well too.

Avoid puffy sleeves, or shoulder pads as they will make your top half look more prominent. And chunky necklaces can just highlight your broad shoulders.

The Hourglass Figure

As popularized by people like Maralyn Monroe, the hourglass body shape has a slimmer waist, with a fuller bust, hips, thighs, and bum. There is a lot to accentuate with this look, with plenty of curves to show off.

High waisted skirts will be particularly flattering to your figure, as will wrap dresses. You can wear boot cut trousers, and these will look stunning on you. Balcony bras and high waisted underwear will work well on your body type.

Avoid wearing loose tops, and loose bottoms together as this won’t flatter your figure at all. You can wear either on their own, as this will bring out the best of your bust or your hips.

Diamond Body Shape

If you have a diamond body shape, you will have slender arms and shoulders, a more full midriff, with fuller hips and thighs. Your waist will be flat from the side, but undefined.

Wear a plunge bra to attract attention to your bust. An empire line dress with clinch above your waist and will work well with your body type. Scoop necklines will suit you well. And you can certainly get away with wearing shorter dresses and skirts to make a feature of your legs.


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