3 Effective Pest Control Tips

3 Effective Pest Control Tips

A lot of pests lie dormant in the months of winter but they come back with a vengeance when the weather is slightly warm. The presence of pests in the home or at your office can have an impact on the work environment, productivity and health. There are certain steps you need to take in order to ensure that the building remains safe and there is a healthy work environment. Follow these tips to keep unwanted visitors away. 

  1. Location trouble

Nobody would like to see pets in the entryway towards the office building. Leave alone the conference room or the front desk. In order to keep these spaces clean, it is essential to determine where the bugs are coming from and where they like to congregate. There are numerous common spots where you will find pests.

The lighting right outside the office building will attract insects and if you manage to control the lighting fixtures, you need to keep them away from the entrance to the building. Numerous pests in dumpsters and in trash receptacles are discovered by pests control Washington which is why you always need to keep the trash cans away from the entrance. Any smell given off by trash is breeding areas for pests. The best is to keep them behind a fence.

Apart from the exterior of the office, there are many areas inside the home that you need to keep clean. Dining area is one of the most important place to keep clean so as to prevent the germs from spreading. Inside the office, the kitchen area and the break room should be kept clean at all times. You need to keep food in airtight, sealed containers and always ensure that the trash is taken out from time to time. Wipeout any food debris from the sinks or from the counters. Another very important area is the bathroom. The drains need to be kept clean and clear of debris. It attracts bugs to the smell and they can get through the small cracks in the drains or in the windows near the bathroom.

  1. Perform proactive maintenance

The maintenance of your home and building will play a crucial role in keeping the business pest free. If there is any damage to the exterior of the building, it will invite insects. The holes and cracks should be filled and repaired at the earliest. In order to ensure effective pest control, you need to maintain the landscape. The shrubs near the office and in the garden inside your home should be trimmed and should not be allowed to overgrow. This is where bugs happen to bread and build nests. You also need to pay attention to the basements. If the building does not have a humidifier system built it, you need to install a humidifier system in the basement in order to keep the bugs away.

  1. Identify the signs of trouble

Even when you take all the right precautions, you will encounter certain pest issues. The best you can do is know the early warning signs of the rodent or bug infestation in order to win the fight against pests in your office and in your home. If you notice droppings on the walls or floors, dead bugs or shedding in the corners, rustling or scratching noises in ceilings or walls and webs in the corner or on ceiling lights, you need to take immediate action. You can contact professional experts who will help you fight the bugs. If you delay in taking action, the bugs will end up multiplying and will only cause more trouble in the future.

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The best way to fight pests is by keeping the space clean. When you have a building or a home that is clean and healthy, there will be minimal chances of pests entering the home. Never overlook the importance of a clean space and always work towards keeping the work environment healthy. All you need to do is schedule daily and weekly cleaning in order to ensure that every space in the office or inside the house has been checked at least once. Dirty, unattended places attract bugs and pests and this leads to an unhealthy work environment and an increase in infections and illnesses. As a responsible individual, it is your duty to ensure that the food is always covered and stored in the right places, the trash cans are placed away from the kitchen or office entrance and any sign of pests is immediately worked upon.


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