Running a Marathon: Preparation Tips

Running a Marathon: Preparation Tips

With the right determination and positive mindset, everything in life is doable, just like running a marathon. If you are a novice runner, but a keen sports enthusiast and you wish to rule out crossing the finish line of your bucket list, then you need to start training.

There is no need to go running motivation two hours every day, leave your heart out at the gym while doing cardio. No. All it takes is devotion, persistence, and goodwill. With a clear goal and positive mindset, you will be ready to take up marathon running as your new hobby in less than 6 months. Sounds impossible? Here are some tips that will help you achieve that.

Get Mentally Tough

To avoid getting injuries, and to actually be able to run a full 5k or a 26-mile (42km) marathon, you need to get prepared. Both physically and mentally. Men seem to be active in this field, and they don’t have the tendency to give up that easily nor they have many physical obstacles like women.

However, according to the Copenhagen marathon study, more and more ladies are crossing the finish line with ease despite being the fragile sex. Mental stability and preparation are vital. If you are healthy and have been physically active, you could run without any problems.

But to run a marathon you need to start on time, and run actively at least 20 weeks before the marathon (with two days rest during the week). This will give you enough stamina and endurance to succeed.

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Start Training Strenuously

There is no special plan or recipe on how to successfully run a marathon unless the one that implies training or simply being able to run without stopping. On the other hand, there is a way that you can do that without much effort.

In the first four weeks of your training, focus on completing a 5k run, by running at a fast pace for 20 minutes and then walk for 10 minutes. Every following day strives to cut short the break time. Then, intensify your scheme in the next four weeks by accelerating your performance to completing the 10k run.

Make sure that you control your breathing all the time, and strive to run in moderate speed in order not to strain or have any other aches. Weeks before the marathon, try to give your maximum.

Seek Motivation

Very often people start running either to lose weight, improve their general wellbeing, or because it is an all-inclusive sport that focuses on the whole body. Most decide to run a marathon because they have a friend or two who have done it, and wish to prove to themselves that they can do it as well. Among many other reasons, this is a great motivational factor.

Preparing for a marathon requires courage, mental clarity, and physical endurance. Unless you have a running buddy who will support and encourage you to run together, you may give up sooner. For that reason, invite a friend to train and run together. Put good tunes on your phone, get quality Bluetooth headphones and let the music be your motivation.

Running a Marathon: Preparation Tips

Be Properly Equipped

Having the quality equipment is rather crucial even if you may not think so at first. Some of the must have pieces of running gear are definitely quality and comfortable running shoes, comprehension sleeves, clothes with technical fiber and a digital watch, so that you can easily track your performance.

As you train for the marathon, you need to have good and lightweight running shoes with adjustable cushioning that will fit perfectly and allow your feet to breathe because you will prepare more diligently and with ease when you know that shoes support every move you make. Never wear new shoes when preparing for such a big event.

Set your routine, pace, and style of the run. Don’t experiment with anything new on race day. Be consistent with your goals, and with good motivation and determination, you will undoubtedly be able to run a marathon.


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