How to use sweep results history to win Singapore sweep

How to use sweep results history to win Singapore sweep

Lots of people dream of winning the Singapore Sweep, and for good reason. It can be a path to financial freedom, if you win big. If this is one of the things that you are counting on to make money, then it’s time to invest in analysis. The Sweep result analysis is one of the best ways to make your Singapore sweep dreams come true. To help you do it, let’s go through a few steps on how to use sweep results history and win Singapore sweep.


  1.   Use them for predictive analysis

While it is impossible to predict the future, it is very possible to come up with reliable models on where things could head in the future. This is usually done by analyzing past data.  Predictive analysis has been used across disciplines, from finance to security. In Singapore sweep, you can use past results to come up with predictions that could win big in the future. One of the best ways to do this is to apply mathematical models to past results. Some of the ones you can use include probability, fractals, and linear programming. For sweep results analysis, you just need the basics, and can easily learn them online. If you have some advanced understanding of mathematics, then you can use these math approaches, to build an algorithm to analyze past sweep results for you.  Such an algorithm can run through the historical results, and give you hints, on the numbers that are likely to win next. You may then choose to play those numbers as they are, or use your intuition to play around with them. When applying your intuitive judgment on the results, you can focus on numbers that in your view have repeated a lot in the past. If you feel like they could turn out to be winners, then go for them. Alternatively, you may choose to play a number close to what the algorithm has given you. For instance, if the algorithm gives you a set of odd and even numbers, you can decide to substitute them with the next closest odd and even ones in the numeric table. The key thing to remember is that, you stand a better chance of winning, than someone who is only hoping on lady luck to smile their way.


  1.   Use them to do predictions with friends

Playing Singapore Sweep shouldn’t be a one-person affair. Involve your friends, to increase the fun. You can give historical results to your friends and have them analyze the results and come up with their predictions. Once everyone has come up with something, you can compare results, and play the numbers that you all have in common. Alternatively, you can choose to play the predictions of that friend who always seems lucky in everything they do. You never know, their luck could help you win big this time. Besides, it’s all part of the fun. Playing, and winning together with your friends can bring you much closer to each other, which is the whole essence of friendship.


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