The Top Nail Art trends on Instagram in 2019

The Top Nail Art trends on Instagram in 2019

Both women and men pay a lot of attention to their looks, from how they are dressed, do their hair, the shoes they wear and even their nails. Women especially get to have a lot of fun with their nails, as they can get them done in various shapes, sizes, colors, prints, and patterns. Manicures have evolved down through the years, with different types of nail art emerging every few months. Below are a few top trends that you may consider getting for your nails.

1.Cow prints

This type of print has been quite popular in the past couple of months, with celebrities rocking it on red carpets and fashion shows. While traditionally people tend to wear this print with black and white colors, lately there has been a shift. People are now opting to play around with different shades of neon which creates a beautiful and fun look. The trick is to use a light, pastel color as the base and filling out the pattern with neon colors. It is a refreshing approach which always ends up being nice and stylish.  

2.3D Nails

In this digital age, we have all heard of 3D movies, printing, and architecture. Now, in the world of beauty, there is a new trend of 3D nails. This involves a nail artist drawing on a design of your choice on the nail, and shaping it to create a three-dimensional appearance. This could be a flower, a leaf or a feather, literally anything that you would like. All you need is to visit a good manicurist such as Heavenly Nails Chiang Mai who can get the job done quite well and effectively.


This has been a trend mostly used with lip colors, and we have seen various people on Instagram pairing two different lip colors to create an ombre effect. This can be done also with nails, whereby all one has to do is to carefully apply the different shades of the polish on the nail, one after the next. This will create a seamless, flowing look. The best part about ombre nails is that you can get creative and use any colors that you want. Think of doing neon colors, pastels, gels, and you can even try and do it with matte polish for a classy look.

4.Confetti nails

What better way to enjoy a party than to ensure that your entire outfit is in full party mode? Confetti nails are very easy to do and are the best look that you need to take your outfit to the next level when going out. You can get them while going to a party, a fun event or even at a wedding. These types of nails are really easy to do as you can get them simply by using glitter polish and nail confetti in different shapes.

5.Tie and dye nails

Just like polka dots, tie and dye is a trend that was quite popular in the nineties and was used to make clothing colorful and unique. This trend has been incorporated into nails and helps to create quite a vibrant and colourful look. If you are feeling artsy and would love to learn something new, you can check various tutorials online on how to get the look done. Alternatively, you can visit a nail parlor have it done their instead.


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