Wisdom Teeth: Why do you need to remove them

wisdom teeth

There has been a lot of speculation on whether or not people should get their wisdom teeth removed. A lot of people will say, “Hey they are not bothering me, why should I get them out?” Unfortunately, these same people are not educated on the consequences that can occur if one does not have their wisdom teeth removed. From Pericoronitis (a severe inflammatory reaction) of the gum tissue, to a full blown dental infection, removing one’s wisdom teeth is the prudent and intelligent decision we all should make. Let’s look over some of the benefits of extracting your wisdom teeth at an early age.

Wisdom Teeth are Easier to Remove

During your teenage years your wisdom teeth are still in development. Since they have not fully formed, the teeth are shorter and hence a lot easier for your dentist or surgeon to remove. Once your wisdom teeth fully form, the risk of jaw fracture, pain, infection, bleeding, and nerve damage all increase. Why would anyone wait for these risk factors to go up? Be smart and have your wisdom teeth removed by an experienced dentist.

Avoid damage to your adjacent teeth

Wisdom Teeth can cause decay and breakdown of your adjacent teeth. Many dentists have the displeasure of telling their patients that their second molars have to be removed because of damage caused by their wisdom teeth. Don’t let this happen to you. Remove your wisdom teeth and save yourself the aches and pains of having to lose your functional teeth as you get older.

Prevent tooth crowding

This is a highly debated subject, but one that needs to be thoroughly examined. Do wisdom teeth cause teeth crowding. The science and evidence is still not conclusive, but they may. Do not take the risk of having your teeth shift again after braces. Remove your wisdom teeth early on to avoid this problem.

Preventing a severe infection

Did you know that wisdom teeth can lead to infections that can spread throughout your whole body? Many people have to be hospitalized every year from the fact that their wisdom teeth have caused a systemic infection across their whole body. This can be life threatening and requires the assistance of a surgery team to get your health back in order. A lot of these patients are treated and operated on inside a medical hospital, so if this is something you want to avoid, it is advised to have your wisdom teeth removed early on.

Prevent nerve damage

Nerve damage is the number one severe consequence of having your wisdom teeth removed. If one removes them earlier in life, however, the chances of nerve damage actually happening is a lot less. Numbness and paresthesia are the results of what can happen. The numb feeling you get will affect not only your teeth, but your cheeks, chin, and lips as well.

These are only a few of the benefits you can have by removing or extracting your wisdom teeth at an early age. You want to prevent adverse results from occurring after they are removed. Remove them now, and never have to worry about them causing an issue for you for the rest of your life.



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