Dream Wedding Venues in Italy

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Italy is a big place with an immense collection of attractive wedding venues, with some of the most impressive including:

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Lake Garda

Lake Garda is just that, a lake. But it is also so much more. People flock to it for romantic events because it has all the medieval castles and villages you need to organize stunning, picturesque wedding celebrations.

There’s a reason why Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of Lake Garda. On the one hand, it is actually quite simple as far as venues go. On the other hand, that simplicity adds to its charm.


People go to Lake Garda because they want to organize a romantic wedding. But a romantic wedding isn’t necessarily the same thing as an Italian wedding. Lake Garda is beautiful.

But if you want to steep your event in Italian culture and tradition, Sicily is your answer. There are so many small towns with narrow streets and ancient squares that are uniquely Italian.

The weather and the food will etch your wedding in the minds of your guests for weeks and months, possibly even years.


Tuscany needs a second mention just in case you were left unconvinced of its beauty. The funny thing about Tuscany is that it is more likely to paint your wedding in a rustic light.

There are so many towns in the region that feel like they never escaped the Middle Ages. But rustic is not a bad thing, not when Tuscany is involved. You have so many botanical gardens to choose from.

The castles are also plenty, not to mention the stone mansions. If you like wine, there are vineyards in Tuscany whose wine is celebrated the world over.

Of course, there are hotels and resorts for those individuals with the financial muscle required to secure such luxuries. But you don’t need money to make great wedding memories in Tuscany.

Go to a coastal town. There are harbors and bays and fishing shores that will surround you and your guests in an atmosphere that is artistic, cultural, and romantic. You could exchange your vows under a cypress tree and the experience would match any celebration hosted in a high-end hotel.

Tuscany is the gift that can’t stop giving, and it has so many villas.

Tuscany Now&More

Everyone who decides to hold their wedding event in Italy always flies to Tuscany because the region is so beautiful. Tuscany Now&More understands that a venue is essential to a wedding’s success, which is why their collection of italian villas for weddings is so wide. The company knows all the right property owners. So whether you want a classy, sophisticated villa boasting all the modern trappings or an ancient structure rich in history, they have you covered.

93 The Estate of Petroio


Tuscany is every couple’s dream wedding venue. However, one location is even more fervently hunted as a potential destination for a wedding celebration and that is Venice.

Venice doesn’t have to work that hard to prove its value as a romantic site. The city is on water. No other region in Italy can replicate that attribute. The art and architecture are obviously gorgeous.

But they are further accentuated by the city’s unique layout. Potential wedding venues are everywhere, with the most prominent being the Rialto Bridge.

Venice looks and feels like it came from the depths of a fairy tale. The one drawback is the crowds. Venice attracts a lot of tourists. For that reason, some couples might find the number of people thronging the streets a little unbearable.

But you don’t have to hold your event in a public setting. Boscolo Hotel Dei Dogi, for instance, is situated in a secluded area. You can find nooks and crannies in the city to hold your event.

You even have the option of taking your celebration out on the water.

Italy doesn’t just have natural and artistic wonders in plenty. It is also diverse. You can hold any kind of wedding you desire. The fact that Italy is possessed of so many natural attractions means that you do not have to empty your wallets to secure a decent avenue.

Sure, you could always throw your money at a luxury resort. But nothing is stopping you from setting up in an ancient farmhouse or a vineyard or a botanical garden or one of several financially friendly locations.


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