Renovating on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips For a Home Remodel Project

Renovating on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips For a Home Remodel Project

In 2018, homeowners and renters spent over $172 billion on remodeling their homes, at an average amount of $15k. However, just because you don’t have $15,000 set aside for your renovations, doesn’t mean you can’t still renovate your home.

Renovating on a budget is possible if you do it right. You just have to be smart about it. In this article, we’ll share highly effective home renovation tips that will help make it easy for you to upgrade your home without spending a small fortune.

Do It Yourself

Whether it’s a major renovation project like a residential addition or a small one like a porch restoration, the truth is you can do this by yourself.

Of course, you’ll need to be quite handy with hardware tools and so on. But, if it’s not a hassle, the easiest way to cut back on home renovation expenses is to get some if not all of it done.

This way, you’ll only buy the materials, do the work and save as much as 40 percent. The good thing is minor renovation efforts can be done by just about anyone these days.

All you have to do is look up some videos on Youtube and follow the instructions. it’s that simple. If you’re looking to do a major project, renovating on a budget is still possible.

All you have to do is elect to do some of the work yourself. For instance, you can prep the site before the home remodeling contractors arrive. Examples include getting rid of non-load bearing walls, tearing up linoleum floors, and moving the furniture.

Reuse Renovation Materials

We get it, you want to use brand new materials for your renovations. And if you were not renovating on a budget, that would be possible.

Unfortunately, you need to cut costs wherever possible. One way to save a lot of money is by reusing some of the old materials, fixtures, and appliances.

Sometimes, kitchen cabinets can be revived by simply refacing the doors, repainting the cabinets and changing the handles. They’ll look as good as new once they’re done.

Look Out for Deals, Discounts and Clearance Sales

Most hardware stores have discounts and deals at certain periods of the year. You can also check out tips like this to help you get some good bargain on materials.

Popular hardware stores like Lowes and Home depot have clearance sales sections. Check out their clearance items, and see if something you need is on the list. Most of the time, you can get these at discounted prices. Just visit their website and look for their clearance pages.

Also, if you need to change furniture, IKEA can work. Granted they might look and feel cheap, but they can work great with some creativity.

Is that All You Need When Renovating on a Budget?

The above-listed tips will work when you’re renovating on a budget.

But if you can, think about finding and hiring experienced contractors; particularly those familiar with the exact remodeling you want to do.

It could save you some money as they’ll know where to cut costs without impacting your project negatively.

If you need more home renovation tips, check out more articles right here on our blog.


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