Floor Sanding: DIY vs. hiring a pro refinisher

Floor Sanding: DIY vs. hiring a pro refinisher

Will you hire a professional or sand your floor? For anyone who is planning to renovate or redecorate their home, it is a crucial decision to take – which tasks to do yourself and for which tasks you need to hire the experts. A major driving factor is undeniably cost. However, you need to take into consideration various other factors such as level of skill sets required for carrying out any job, accessibility of equipment and materials, and amount of time you can spare on the job. Floor sanding is also no exception, and you need to consider these factors while deciding on DIY or hiring a professional.

DIY vs. Hiring a pro refinisher for parquet floor sanding Finishing

If you have the desired knowledge of parquet floor sanding, you might prefer to opt to do it yourself.

But, when it comes to a pro, his knowledge will be backed up with experience, so the chances are more that he will give a better finishing to your floor than you.

The job is much more critical than it seems – it generally takes two years for an expert to refine his skills. In case you are thinking of trying your hands on sanding for the first time, then our suggestion is don’t risk it. You might end with blotchy floors, abandoned polyurethane which is bound to come up pretty soon, and permanent marks.


If you do not do the floor sanding properly, the stain will not infiltrate appropriately, and the polyurethane will not stick to for long.  As a result, you will get a finishing, which will not last very long. And you might have to end up redoing the entire job within 2 to 4 years, whereas it usually lasts for typical 7 to 10 years.

So, not only will the floor look substandard marring the aesthetics of your house, but you will also have to redo it sooner. And eventually, you will spend more than on the service of floor sanding Southampton.


For pro refinishers, the sanding floor is a part of their job, so they are more proficient in this work and can do it with more ease and at a faster pace.  They also have the required potent machines. In a day, usually, most experts can sand and refinish around 1,000 square. Do you have that speed? In most cases, homeowners take 2 to 4 time longer time to do the same area.

In case you are planning to do it yourself, be prepared to invest sufficient time in it.

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The pros commonly have better sanding machines which can collect more of the dust.  They also have a habit of keeping better vacuums to suck up the sawdust particles.

Moreover, the renowned and more professional floor refinishers offer dustless sanding and refinishing.

Cleaning the sawdust is not only a tedious task, but it is also not possible with home cleaning machines. And, in case you suffer from ailments like asthma or allergy, you should never opt for DIY floor sanding.

Then there is shifting your items and furniture from the room, as without vacating it you cannot perform the job successfully. When you hire a sanding company, it does all these tasks for you (sometimes for an extra cost though). But, you will spare yourself the chances of accidents and unforeseen hazards that might occur while shifting the heavy items from one place to another.

Requires equipment and materials

You obviously do not have required machines, so you will have to rent it because they are necessary for sanding. Then you will also have to purchase the sanding disks, the stain, and poly. For safety reasons and for clean finishing, you also have to keep the following items handy:

  • Safety goggles
  • Covers or respirators
  • Knee pads as the work require bending
  • Gloves
  • Protecting rubber shoes
  • Dusters and other tools to apply the stain and polyurethane
  • Trash bags which can be used for heavy-duty

All this once again involves a lot of expenditure, and in a way instead of saving, in all probabilities, you will increase your expenses.


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