How to Build a Gazebo in a Few Easy Steps

how to build a gazebo

If you’re looking to add new outdoor living space to your home without a costly addition, a gazebo may be just what you’re looking for. A gazebo can add some much-needed square footage to your outdoor space.

Gazebos can act as a second living space, an additional dining area, or a fun entertaining zone. There are a lot of free gazebo plans you can find online or you can leave the work to a professional.

Whichever route you go, here are a few tips on how to build a gazebo of your dreams.

Plan Your Space

The time has come to stop scrolling through social media and pinning pictures of someone else’s gazebo. Get started on the gazebo you’ve been pining for. Using a gazebo builder can really help here.

The first step is to plan out where you’d like to build a gazebo. You may want it close to your back door for easy access. Or maybe you want it set back in the shade for a more private retreat.

Picking the space will greatly help you plan the look, size, and budget for your new gazebo.

Decide on Your Look

The next step is deciding on the look you’re going for. Gazebos come in all different shapes, sizes, and styles. Once you’ve decided if you’ll use your gazebo for dining, relaxing, entertaining, or all of the above, you can then focus on the fun part.

What your gazebo looks like can transform your outdoor space. You can go farmhouse style with a tin roof. You can go traditional or more modern. The possibilities are endless.

Taking the function of your gazebo into account should help you narrow down the style. For entertaining, you may want some serving space build-in. If you’re using it for relaxing, some shade will definitely be key.

If you want to use your gazebo year-round, factor in some protection from the elements as well.

Measure and Buy Materials

If you’re building the gazebo yourself, make sure you’ve studied the gazebo plans. A DIY gazebo project should always start with measuring your desired space. After taking the measurement you can buy a pop up gazebo or any other type that you find suitable for your space.

Measure exactly where you’d like the gazebo and leave some room for construction and access in and out. You may want to leave some extra room for additional tables or gathering space just outside of it if you’ll be using it for entertaining.

Once you have your plans and your measurements, it’s time to buy the materials. If you’re doing this all from a plan, it will include everything you need to buy.

If you’re building a gazebo from a kit, everything you need will come included. You may just want to buy a particular stain or the extras to furnish or decorate it.

How to Build a Gazebo

Now comes the hardest part. Constructing your gazebo is where you’ll spend the majority of your time. Here’s where you may also want to turn to a professional. This person may build gazebos regularly and be able to save you a lot of time and headache.

How to actually build your gazebo will depend on the size, style, and plans you went with. It can take anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks depending on your skill level as well.

The Finishing Touches

The finishing touches on a gazebo are really where it comes to life. Choosing a stain, paint, plants, and furniture will finish your gazebo off perfectly.

When it comes to how to build a gazebo, this may depend on the plan but the finishing touches are all your own.

For a cozy retreat, you can add some outdoor pillows and keep blankets stored. For a fun entertaining space, you can build in a countertop, an outdoor TV or even a grill.

Whatever you decide to go with, get outside and enjoy your new gazebo as much as you can. Gazebos are a fun and inexpensive way to add an additional room on to your home without a full remodel.


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