Best Toys For Your Pet Cat


If you have a pet cat, then you need a toy for your pet cat. Nothing else can make your cat enjoy as much as a good cat toy from vitalpetstore can.

Many different styles and varieties of toys for your pet cat are available in the market, thus choosing the right one for your pet becomes a tedious task.

And this is the reason why we have come up with the list of best toys for your pet cat just for you!

Best Toys For Your Pet Cat

These toys will make sure that your cat thoroughly enjoys its playtime. You should check them out,

  1. Squeaking Cat Toy

Your pet cat is domesticated however; it will not change the fact that cats are hunters in their natural habitat. Like a pet cat owner, you should nurture this aspect of their natural personality. And this will surely help to achieve your goals.

This squeaking cat toy has catnip and has a squeaking mouse kept inside it.

  1. Teaser Wand

This teaser wand foe your pet cat has a little mouse attached on its end with the help of a metallic swivel.

The mouse hops on the floor just like a real mouse.

You dear pet cat will love this toy. As a pet owner, you should be aware of the safety of your pet and hence you should put it away after your cat has played with it. There is a danger that the cat can get itself tangled in the metal wire.

  1. Caterpillar Cat Toy

If your cat is an active pet, who just cannot stop moving this caterpillar cat toy is for her.  Catnip is stored in the head as well as the tail of the caterpillar and is released slowly while your cat is playing with this toy.

  1. Skitter Critters

As said earlier, cats are naturally mice hunters, and hence there can be no better toy for them other than the catnip mice.

This toy is perfect for any cat, as the cat can entertain itself during the playtime while practicing its hunting skills.

These catnip mice are filled with 100% recycled plastic, hence it is also ecofriendly.

  1. Inclined Scratcher Cat Toy

If you are a pet cat owner you must be very well aware of the fact that the cats love to scratch them against the furniture.

This inclined Scratcher Cat Toy is, therefore, a practical toy for your pet.

This toy has an inclined scratching pad that will help you to control this behavior of your pet cat. Additionally, this toy has catnip, which will attract the attention of your pet.

  1. Crinkle Balls

Every cat loves crinkly paper, and hence your pet cat will love this crinkle toy ball.

Your cat can enjoy playing batting with this crinkle toy ball. Moreover, this toy also makes an irresistible sound when your pet cat plays with it.

  1. Cat Condo

This is not a toy however your pet cat will absolutely, love to play sleep and lounge in its private place.

The best part of this condo is that it can be easily stored away when not in use as it is fully collapsible.

  1. Interactive Cat Toy

This interactive cat toy captivates the attention of your cat. The interactive toy contains cardboard pieces and has a metal wire which gives it flexibility.

  1. Ripple Rug

This rug is a very versatile toy as it can be configured in various ways, thus making sure that your cat has something new to play all the time.

  1. Interactive Food Dispenser

If your pet cat loves eating her food this interactive food dispenser is a must for her.

This toy will encourage her to play with her food just like she would in her natural habitat.  Therefore this toy will make her mealtime an exciting time.

  1. Cat Exercise Wheel

In their natural habitat, cats have to hunt the mouse to fulfill her hunger. This gives cats a necessary exercise, which is required for their well-being.

Similarly, your pet cat also needs some sort of exercise for their wellbeing.  This exercise wheel toy does the needful.

The pet cat will need the training to be able to use this exercise wheel but once they are properly trained, they will enjoy exercising on this wheel.

  1. Robotic Toy

This toy is for smart cats. It has a feathery creature like a bug that moves around on its own. It can also flip over back onto its feet while trying to escape. It also scurries, scampers and vibrates,

The design of the toy is such that it will captivate your cat’s attention, and your pet can safely play with it when you are not around.

  1. Toy Train For Cat

Cats love to hunt however some cats do not like to run around for hunting.

For such pet cats, this toy is a must-have. It contains 82 pieces of track, which are made of the super flexible material. You can form the track in whichever way you want.

The balls are kept inside the track and move around the track as your cat plays with them.

This toy is particularly good for the older pet cats as it will keep them occupied for a longer time

  1. Wooden Paw Puzzle

This wooden puzzle has a paw-like shape. It has 12 hidden caves in which you can place the food for your cat. This toy will encourage your cat to intelligently find the hidden food and enjoy it.

  1. Mouse Chaser

If your pet cat has a habit of tearing down your furniture or other furnishings you can easily distract her using this toy.

This mouse chaser toy has a little mouse that spins around on the track. The mouse squeaks when the cat hits it with its paw.

  1. Pop Open Mouse Hunt Cat Toy

This toy has been specifically designed to match your cat’s natural hunting instinct. It involves hiding toys to encourage your cat to fetch the toys for you.

Your pet cat will surely love playing with these toys! If you don’t know how to tell what breed your cat is, have a talk with your veterinarian.


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