Bathroom Color Schemes: How to Choose the Best Bathroom Color

Bathroom Color Schemes: How to Choose the Best Bathroom Color

Doing a home renovation can be lots of fun. You get a brand new space and get to pick everything for yourself. When it comes to choosing what color scheme to use, then it gets a bit more difficult.

You may be having trouble finding inspiration or tips for choosing good bathroom color schemes, but you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading this article from Floors To Walls to learn how to choose the best colors for your bathroom renovation.

A Color Wheel

Your first step to picking what colors to use in your bathroom is to consult a color wheel. The reasons why some colors look good together and others don’t is because of where they are on the color wheel.

For example, yellow and purple look great together because they’re across from each other. On the other hand, blue and green will not look as good together because if you look at the color wheel they’re right next to each other.

If you’re able to familiarize yourself with the color wheel, then you’ll be a master decorator in no time. All your friends will be coming to you with advice on how to redecorate their homes.

Focus on Picking Three Colors

When deciding what colors to paint your bathroom you will want to focus on choosing three colors. One neutral color, one rich color, and one accent color will really make your bathroom stand out.

Another way to think about this is by using a 70/20/10 scale. Your lightest color will make up 70% of your bathroom and this will be the neutral color. The rich color will make up 20% and then the accent color will only make up 10% of your bathroom.

If you need help with picking your main color then check out these trendy colors to find a great new shade for your bathroom.

Having Trouble Deciding On a Color?

You may feel overwhelmed when walking down the paint aisle of your local hardware store. Who would have guessed that there would be so many great paint options to choose from? When you’re first starting out you should go ahead and grab any and all of the paint samples that you like.

You will want to take these paint samples home so you can look at them in your bathroom. There are many factors that come into choose which color will look best when painting your bathroom.

Most bathrooms do not have very much natural light so the paint colors you like may appear to be different when put under the lights in your bathroom. This is why you will want to look at all of the paint samples in your bathroom lighting before deciding on a color.

A good way to test paint colors in your bathroom is to paint a large poster board with the color you light and hang it up to see how it will look. You will also want to look at the colors you’re deciding on at different times of the day depending on what type of light is in your bathroom.

You also will want to take a look at which type of flooring you’re going to have in your bathroom before choosing a paint color. By choosing wall colors that blend and compliment your flooring you will create a pulled-together room where the colors all compliment each other.

Mix Two Neutral

Another great tip when it comes to choosing your bathroom color scheme is to pick two neutral colors. A neutral color scheme can be very relaxing and inviting. Having a relaxing environment is exactly what you want when it comes to your bathroom.

If you’re choosing two neutral colors, then you will want to focus on a 70/30 rule. Your bathroom will look great if you choose one neutral color to focus on such as gray and then another neutral for the accent such as white.

There are many different types of neutrals that you can pair together. You can have cool and warm neutrals but you will want to use the color wheel when trying to pair the two. For example, a brown and tan would be two warm neutrals that work great together.

Don’t Be Afraid of Using Dark Colors

When it comes to small rooms, many people lean more towards brighter and lighter colors but warm, rich and deep colors can work great in your bathroom. You could use a deep brown to contrast a light accent color.

Using a dark color in your bathroom will not make it feel smaller by any means. The only downside of using darker colors in your bathroom is that you may need to incorporate more light into your renovation because it may feel darker.

Your Other Projects

If you’re feeling especially discouraged when it comes to picking a bathroom color scheme, then look to the rest of your house for inspiration. You can take an accent color that you used in another room and incorporate it into your bathroom.

By using small details from other parts of your home, all of your rooms will flow together but will still have their own identity.

More Bathroom Color Schemes

When it comes to choosing paint then just go for it! After all, it’s only paint and if you don’t like it then you can change it later on. Don’t stress over choosing bathroom color schemes because it should be fun.

By getting paint samples from the hardware store you can go through a lot of trial and error before finally deciding on a color scheme for you.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the best bathroom color scheme you can, go over to our blog and read more posts on how to decorate and renovate your home.


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