Time To Repair Or Time To Replace

Time To Repair Or Time To Replace

When something breaks, there are a number of reasons why you should repair instead of replacing including climate change as manufacturing new gadgets creates lots of carbon, for example, 85% of the iPhone 6 entire lifecycle’s carbon footprint comes from its manufacture, not from using it. Then there’s the job of importing new gadgets across the sea as this uses a large number of fossil fuels.

Money is another factor, a rather obvious one as we all know that making things last longer and appliance repair saves you money because it means you don’t have to buy new things, however, these days a lot of products today aren’t designed to be repaired, and the repair industry has become small and expensive meaning that quite often it’s not worth the repair and makes sense to buy a new one. And finally, there’s the environment to consider as modern gadgets like smartphones need a range of different metals and rare earth which are found across the world. These are often mined in parts of the developing world where labor and environmental standards are not to an adequate standard.

However, there are also times when it’s better to buy new too, so have a look at this advice as to when this it is better to repair and when it is more beneficial to replace.


Some people just love shopping and want new clothes all the time, so even better if there’s an excuse to and their clothes need repairing. Some clothes though come attached with memories, stories, and feelings, there are things you just don’t want to let go of even if they really have seen better days. Then there is just the matter of your wardrobe looking dated. If you’re struggling with broken seams though, missing buttons or an unraveling hem then it’s time to decide if it’s worth repairing or replacing.

You should repair your clothes if you love them and a repair would make an item look great again. If it is just a little tweak such as a broken zip, then this shouldn’t cost much, and you should be able to repair it fairly easily. You should think about replacing though if the fabric is showing its age and is worse for wear.

Luggage And Purses

Whether it’s a broken zip or a loose liner, purses and luggage are definitely worth repairing. Most dry cleaners can easily fix zips or liners, but you might want to first look up the warranty on your product, as many manufacturers guarantee their products and will repair or even replace their damaged items for free.

Wood Furniture

Old wood furniture can often look like it needs to be replaced when really all it needs is a bit of TLC. A coat of Old English Scratch Cover can hide unsightly scratches and restore a great piece to it’s best again. Get hold of some bargain Habitat ReStore paint and bring new life to an old piece of furniture. The chances are that your worn-looking wooden furniture is higher quality than anything you’ll find at a modern retailer, so it’s worth it to put a few hours into refurbishing.


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