Should You Be Using Adult Toys?

Should You Be Using Adult Toys?

You know how you and your closest friends would hang out together and start oversharing jokes and stories about your sexual life?

Oh wait, you don’t? Did I just push the wrong button?

All jokes aside, there is nothing wrong with being a late bloomer. Maybe it’s just not your time yet or maybe you’re still not emotionally ready to involve yourself with matters of the flesh. But I do know how you feel; I used to be the odd one in the group as well. I never had relationships last long enough to enter that “base.” I was a bit of a kiss and tell (especially with my realest friends) but that was all I ever did – kiss. Minor touches but that’s all it ever were.

Should You Be Using Adult Toys? couple

I honestly sprung up into adulthood without going much farther than first base. I simply wasn’t ready yet and I felt like there was no need to rush. Anyway, it’s not like there was much opportunity going on for me in that department as well. But knowing I am who I am, there was no way I was going to let other people think of me as a novice. There’s just this heavy stigma floating around inexperienced people – and I was not about to let myself get drawn to it.

If you were somewhat like the “me” before, don’t worry. You don’t have to force yourself to get into things that don’t interest you at this time. It’s not so bad to want a real connection with someone before you start thinking about sexually engaging them. This doesn’t mean you should be oblivious to the desires of the flesh though. There are many other ways that you can satisfy and quench your sexual urges without having to involve yourself in hook-up culture.

One such way is adult play.

What Is Adult Play?

Should You Be Using Adult Toys? whips

Don’t get me wrong but adult play is something that can be enjoyed by both couples and singles. If you have a significant other and you’re looking for some new way to spice up your relationship, then by all means, you can try engaging in adult play. If you’re a single and you’re happy being single, then trying this out would definitely help lift your spirits as well. Here are other ways you can spice up your relationship:

As humans, we have needs – physiological, psychological, and yes, even sexual needs. Our body is designed to procreate. This is why we naturally receive hormonal signals on a monthly basis. Sometimes, it can even be more often than that. But hey, it’s not like we can just pull someone over and start letting off steam. That would be illegal. And notwithstanding the laws, the thing that makes us human is reason. We wouldn’t be as aggressive and instinctive as to sexually attack someone randomly. Also, as much as possible, we would want to meet our own psychological requirements when we engage in such activities – say, the feeling of being in-love.

What I’m saying is that if you’re not quite ready to play tonsil hockey with real people, then why not try it out on substitutes – synthetic substitutes?

That’s right. Rather than gambling your reproductive health on unsafe sex and random hook-ups, you should really consider getting yourself into “safer sexual pleasures.” You know, you can achieve a similar level of arousal without having to rely on a human partner. You just have to be a little more creative with how you go about it. (

Both men and women often masturbate to relieve themselves of pent up sexual frustrations but it can get a bit old sometimes. It’s a bit boring having to play with yourself all the, after all. Still, this is no reason to randomly engage in sexual relations with strangers. You can just jive it up in some way. Say, by using adult sex toys. Access this website to know more about it.

What Are Sex Toys?

Should You Be Using Adult Toys? dolls These are generally what you’d call “pleasure objects” made by adults for adults. These are apparatuses used to help people satisfy sexual urges – and, more often than not, reach sexual climax.

Now these toys, they come in different kinds. There are those exclusive for the use of men, women, and both. They also look pretty normal most of the time. Some are even disguised as everyday objects that you will not suspect. There are also those modelled more realistically for people who like to engage in play that feels more surreal.

Common examples are dildos, vibrators, and Kegel balls for women. For men, some of the more common types of toys are sex dolls, fleshlights, and blow job machines. These devices are often sold online and are delivered to your doorstep very discreetly so you don’t really have to worry about getting caught red-handed.

Now, it’s really a matter of choice whether you plan on giving adult play a try or not. It all comes down to your preferences. Still, it’s a good way to let off steam every once in a while so why not check them out?


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