9 Easy Steps To Clean Lawn Mower Engine


The weather is starting to warm up, its early spring and time to make lawn and lawn mowers up to date. Every year you should prepare and clean your mower before mowing season. Following are some tips to clean your lawn mower:

1-Clean the deck of your lawn mower:

The deck is the place under your mower where the blade spins. You can’t see that part, and there is no aesthetic reason for cleaning it at all. However, you should clean it to help your unit perform well. If dried grass stuck there, it might deflect the blade and disabled efficient cutting. You should clean the deck at least twice of every mowing season like in tree removal season so that your mower work more efficiently. Keeping the bottom deck clean also helps you decrease lawn diseases.

 2- Clean engine of your lawn mower:

Before you begin cleaning of your lawn mower, you should remove the spark plug to avoid accidentally starting of the unit. Then, remove engine screen and detach blower housing. Cold water, degreaser, and a brush are usually enough to clean an engine and don’t use compressed air to clean it. Beware that engine is cold before washing and avoid cleaning corroded plugs. Once cleaned, your engine will work more efficiently.

3-Clean a fuel system of Lawnmower

If you feel that your lawn mower is not working correctly or making more noise than usual, you probably need to clean the fuel line. Make sure that machine is turned off, remove the spark plug lead, find the fuel valve at the bottom and turned it off too like SESMAS Tree Service. Then start to clean the fuel system from filters and vents using an air hose with a nozzle. Clean the whole fuel system as it is the ultimate requirement for efficient work of lawn mower.

4-Clean the carburetor:

The corroded carburetor will disable your lawn mower for sure. If there is any corrosion, replace that part or if it is dirty clean it quickly. Place all the pieces and put them in a plastic container with carburetor cleaner. Then rinse that part with cold water and dry them with compressed air.

5-Clean the air filter:

You should clean your air filter paper after two to three times whenever you use the lawn mower. If the mower has foam pre-filter, you should clean it after 25 hours of work and clean dust from air filter paper. Then remove air filter paper gently and wash it with liquid detergent and dry it gently with a paper towel. Keep it in mind that air filter is the most crucial part of your whole unit, there is the risk of severe damage of group if it does not work correctly.

6-Sharpen the blades of mower:

Detach the mower blades by unscrewing the bolts wearing thick gloves so that it does not harm you. Keeping the blades sharp is an essential part of your unit to work efficiently. The cleaning step is, and you have to rinse blades with a jet of water with the appropriate nozzle attached to it. Beware you should be wearing gloves by doing this all because a minor cut from the blade can harm you a lot.

7-Clean the belts:

In the case of self-propelled lawn mowers, remove the belt cover to clean and inspect the belt for pulley assemblies. If the straps are overly worn or cracked, you should remove the belts and replace them because they serve an essential part. If there is any damage in belts, it can make your unit useless and will not work correctly.

8-Clean mower spark plugs:

The dirty spark plugs lead to spark in the mower and additional starting of the unit, therefore you should clean or change them when necessary. Spray the spark plugs and let it sit for a few minutes and don’t forget to clean the spark plug metal threads by using a wire brush. Repeat the process until it becomes clean and working of mower becomes efficient.

9-Change the oil:

Oil can be vulnerable to debris and dirt, which can cause internal damage to the engine. Daily use of motor can also lead to heat up the oil and break down. So it is useful to change the oil weekly or monthly so that lawn mower can work more efficiently and adequately and your engine works smoothly.


Thoroughly cleaning of lawn mower will last for years without any significant damage and additional costs. Prepare your lawn mower for the upcoming season and enjoy in your beautiful yard



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