5 Helpful Tips on DIY Gutter Cleaning Without a Ladder

5 Helpful Tips on DIY Gutter Cleaning Without a Ladder

Gutters are an integral but often underappreciated part of any home. How many of us either forget to check them or keep putting the task off until it is too late?

One reason many people put this job off is that climbing up a ladder can be a daunting experience. After all, 1 in 15 people are scared of heights.

But cleaning out and maintaining your gutters does not have to be a horrid or even long-winded experience. It is possible to clean your gutters without having to climb up a ladder. Keep reading to learn the real secrets to successful gutter cleaning while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

1. Gutter Cleaning Application Tool

A woolen sponge-like applicator that can be attached to the end of an extendable pole. This applicator fits neatly into the contours of your gutters and allows you to easily and quickly sweep through and remove any debris and grime that may have accumulated.

2. Vacuum Your Gutters Clean

Aside from calling in roof replacement companies to help you out, there is another way you can accomplish your gutter cleaning without a ladder.

A gutter vacuum is exactly as it sounds, and does the job you would expect. A machine that fits into your gutter and sucks out all of the loose debris that gathered there. Twigs, leaves, and other such items, which can so easily clog your gutters won’t stand a chance.

3. Spray Your Gutters Clean

Another no ladder method for successful DIY gutter cleaning is to blast your gutters clean with a power spray. These devices come with extendable poles that will allow you to reach gutters that are on the higher levels of your property and shoot a strong water jet pushing away and blockages that may have formed.

4. Gutter Guards

For those that don’t like heights but still want to do DIY maintenance on their guttering, a product like gutter guards is a vital expense. Covering and protecting your gutters, guards will stop large debris from even entering the gutters, let along forming a potentially damaging blockage.

Say goodbye to the ladder with a gutter guard investment.

5. Gutter Maintenance Tongs

A handy piece of DIY cleaning equipment, gutter tongs are attached to an extendable pole and can be used to grab any debris that may have caused a blockage.

Of course, visibility could be an issue with this, so the tongs could become a two-person job, with a pair of eyes looking down on the gutters, from whatever vantage points are available, can help direct your efforts to the right place.

Gutter Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Sure, nobody likes the idea of giving up their free time in the weekend to spend it on gutter maintenance, but gutters are vital to maintaining the health and integrity of your home. Not having them would cause a lot more work.

If you establish a good process and get in the habit of checking regularly, then gutter cleaning will stop being a chore and will become a job that you get up, get done and move on from.

Of course, there is more to keeping a well-maintained home than just cleaning gutters. Check out some of our other posts for more household cleaning and maintenance tips.


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