The Top Garden Furniture Trends for Summer 2019

The Top Garden Furniture Trends for Summer 2019

The summer of 2019 is well and truly underway, and if you haven’t already, you’ll be desperate to get your garden kitted out for the summer soirees to come. After the festive season, Summer is potentially the most sociable time of the year. As soon as the sun emerges, people are desperate to get the barbeque fired up, and to sup on an ice cold refreshment in the sun, surrounded by friends and family. Whether you have several Summer parties planned this year, or you’re just hoping to have a quiet summer relaxing in the garden with the family, these 2019 garden furniture trends will ensure you’re well kitted out for those long, hot afternoons.

Consider Your Lighting

Outdoor lighting is lost on a lot of people, but do remember that those long Summer afternoons sharp turn into long Summer evenings, and if you’re wanting to keep the party going, light is a necessity. Even if you’re not actually in the garden on a night-time, it’s a lot prettier to look out at than the pitch black, isn’t it? Garden lighting is so in this year, because of the magical and cosy effect it has on the garden overall. Twinkling fairy lights are a great accessory to give your garden an extra edge, and make it feel like a beautiful little outdoor haven – but why not even take it a step further? Solar lanterns are not only aesthetic, but radiate a fair amount of light so are actually practical too. Another great way of using light, is to draw attention to the best features of your garden. For example, if you have a beautiful flower bed or climbing flowers up your fence, why not use light in order to highlight these so they’re made the most of, even when the sun goes down? The best thing about the majority of this lighting is it’s solar powered, meaning it’s not only better for the environment, but it won’t cost you extra on your electric bill at the end of the month either. That’s a definite win-win situation.

Bring the Comfort of the Inside, Out into Your Garden

There is nothing more luxurious than garden furniture that oozes the comfort and sophistication of the indoors. Why not invest in an indulgent day bed or an egg chair to go alongside the rest of your garden furniture to give it that extra edge? The average Summer party starts on an afternoon, and if the conversation is rich and the drinks are flowing, it can go on well into the evening too. Those who are in it for the long haul will probably need to take a seat at some point, and what better way to make your guests feel welcome and allow them to fully relax, than providing a day bed for them to recline on? Likewise, Summer parties aside, imagine those long Summer afternoons when you want to lie in the sun with a good book and an ice-cream – what better way to do it?

Another great thing about this 2019 Summer trend, is that it immediately makes your home look more expensive. Not only is this the perfect way to bring luxury into your home and impress your guests, but have you considered how it might benefit you if you decide to sell your home quickly through companies such as Although these companies buy any house and value them for free, the instant look of well-appointed garden furniture will immediately give your home the appearance of being more expensive, and therefore more valuable. Something as simple as having garden furniture like this could add value onto your home, simply because of the way it looks and the things it connotes. Every little helps along the way!

Grow Your Own

Last but certainly not least, why not get on board with the sustainable garden trend that is growing your own fruit and/or vegetables? Not only is this the perfect time of year to start doing this, and does it give your garden a real natural look, but there are so many benefits to growing your own produce. First off, it gives you a reason to spend hours in the garden in the Summer and make it your project. The act of growing your own produce also helps the environment too, because it will immediately result in you reducing your plastic usage, and will therefore lessen the amount of plastic landfill in general. Why not have a garden that David Attenborough would be proud of?


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