Bigger Is Better: The Top Tips for Taking Care of Large Houseplants

Large Houseplants

If you love the fresh smell of plants and the beauty and serenity they offer, you’ll be glad to add them to your household.

Don’t shy away from buying some large houseplants that will really stand out and provide your home with the care that it needs. To this end, you’ll need to learn some tips that will help you take care of these plants to the best of your ability.

Start with these steps so that you can grow your plants and let them blossom to the fullest.

1. Know When to Move Your Large Houseplants to Bigger Containers

The most important key to caring for large houseplants is knowing when to transition them to bigger containers.

Your plant will only grow to the capacity of the container it is housed within. If you don’t want to curb the growth of your plant, make sure that you invest in some bigger containers when it is time.

These containers should always be sturdy and should come equipped with the right drainage so that you don’t make a mess or let the water overflow.

2. Select Your Plant Life Based on Your Lighting Setup

As you learn more about house plants, you’ll find that lighting is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle to master.

Give your large houseplant access to the best amounts of natural lighting possible. While you can set up some fluorescent lighting for your plants, you should definitely position them by windows or outdoors so that you can give your plant access to the best amount of sunlight.

3. Maintain Optimal Temperatures For Your Plants

Sunlight is one thing, but you also need to be mindful of the temperatures in your home.

While running the AC for long periods of time will help you feel cooler, it might kill your plants. Likewise, you don’t want to let your temperatures get too hot in the wintertime.

Research each species of plant so that you know the optimal temperatures they require. Stick a thermometer by the plant so that you have an accurate readout of your indoor temperatures.

4. Feed Your Plants the Best Nutrients

You can also feed your houseplants with the best fertilizers available.

There are some nutrient and fertilizer packs you can buy to make sure your plants stay lush, green and moisturized. Different plants have different nutrient requires, so always buy the proper fertilizer for your plants.

5. Get Your Plant Professional Care When Necessary

Never hesitate to reach out to a nursery that can help you when needed. While the DIY route is a wonderful learning experience, you will learn so much more by picking the brain of an expert when necessary.

You will definitely want to get someone to stop by and watch your plants for you when you are out of town so that your plants still get the TLC that they need.

Handle Your Plant Care With These Tips

Large houseplants will beautify your home and freshen your indoor air. However, they also come with their own set of requirements when it comes to care and maintenance.

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