10 Wedding Marquee Designs To Help You Have A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Marquee Designs

Having the right kind of setting for your wedding is always important, and is something people pay an incredible amount of attention to. Finding the right place sets the entire tone and feel of your wedding and people go to great lengths to ensure that they get every little detail of this absolutely right. When it comes to the location, a wedding marquee is something that a lot of brides and grooms are opting to go in for and is something that can truly make a wedding feel beautiful and special.

Why Choose A Marquee?

One of the biggest reasons people tend to go in for a traditional marquee is because of the large customizability that it offers. A marquee wedding can be customized to fit almost any kind of look or feel that one is planning to go in for and is something that can fit almost any kind of wedding theme you choose. A marquee wedding is also considered to be significantly more cost effective as compared to other options. When people go in for a marquee wedding, they don’t have to pay ‘per head’, which is something that can significantly increase the costs of the wedding venue. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to have a big beautiful wedding. They are also particularly great for those who are getting married in an area that is prone to having bad weather since a marquee can withstand strong winds, rain or light snowfall.

Inspiration For Wedding Marquees

If you are on the lookout for some inspiration for your own marquee for your wedding, here are ten designs that have grown to become incredibly popular.

1. Framed Marquee

A Clean Framed Marquee might be one of the more expensive options, but is definitely one of the best to work around and customize with. The clean design and frame of this kind of marquee can make your wedding venue look appealing, inside and out.

2. Chinese Hat Marquee

A Chinese hat marquee is aptly named because of the pointed roof structure that it has. These roofs then form high ceilings on the inside adding to the depth of the entire marquee, making it look all the more exquisite.

3. Stretch Tent Marquee

 A Stretch Tent Marquee is one of the more unique styles of marquees that people are going in for and is something that has become increasingly popular for those who want to give their guests a view of the beautiful location, along with a good structure to sit under.

4. Traditional Marquee 

A traditional marquee is incredibly simple and something that people all over the world opt for when thinking of going in for an outdoor wedding. A traditional marquee uses a simple pointed top ceiling coupled with a nice wall to give you a good closed structure that can be easily customized.

5. Clear Roof Marquee

If you are getting married in a place with sunny skies, having a clear roof marquee is always an option. This gives you plenty of natural light to work with and can add to the overall aesthetics of the marquee.

6. Trapeze Marquee

A trapeze marquee is a design that is incredibly appealing for those who want a beautiful looking outer roof structure and nothing else. This kind of marquee doesn’t have the traditional marquee walls and is brilliant for any kind of outdoor wedding that has a beautiful setting around it.

7. Tipi Marquee

Inspired by traditional tipis, the tipi marquee is a brilliant choice for those who want to go in for something a little less conventional, and something that looks good no matter what angle you look at it from.

8. Yurl Marquee

A Yurl is one of the most unique and traditional styles of marquees that one can go in for. This beautiful self-supporting marquee is particularly known for its circular roof that makes for a beautiful backdrop to decorate against.

9. Dome Marquee

For something luxurious and aesthetically pleasing, a dome marquee is one of the choices that brides and grooms all over the world are starting to opt in for.

10. Moroccan Marquee

A Moroccan marquee is a great setting for those who want a structure that has its own allure, but which also adds something more to the basic decor that you are thinking of going in for.

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