Where to Place Crystals on Your Body for Healing 7 Places

understand the 7 chakras

Many people face illnesses, both physically and emotionally, that severely impact their lives. Finding the best method for healing those illnesses is important. One option that has provided healing for thousands of years is the use of crystals to promote healing. These crystals are placed at one of the 7 chakras to help health the coordinating ailment. This helps to unblock the chakras and allow a proper flow of energy to help heal the body and spirit.

The first step in the healing process is to find the crystals that are most beneficial to the individual and their illness. There are several methods for finding the right crystals. Each crystal or stone will feel different to the holder. This helps each individual find the ones that will work best for them. It is important to find crystals that the user can connect with. Evolve Healing Courses are also beneficial in helping people understand the power of crystals and help them find the best options for their needs.

Placing the Crystals

It is important to understand the 7 chakras and their centers on the body. Each chakra corresponds with various organs, body systems, and spiritual aspects. Each ailment or problem can be linked to one or more of these chakras. Placing a crystal at the chakra helps to unblock the energy in these areas. This allows the energy to flow and healing to begin. It is also important to have a clear focus and intent on what is expected of the stones. This allows the user to focus their energy on this specific task and allows the crystals to work more efficiently. Placing the crystals or stones while meditating allows a better flow of energy for proper healing.

The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra represents passion and the body’s connection with the earth. It is symbolic of physical strength and sexuality. When it is blocked and energy is low in this chakra, people feel weak, tired, or uninspired. This chakra is also linked to pain in the lower back, the leg, and also representative of immune-system disorders. The placement of this crystal of stone is at the base of the spine. It can be placed between the thighs near the groin. A red crystal or stone is often the most powerful for healing in this area.

The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra represents the water elements within the body. This chakra helps to provide the body with a playful and creative mind. It is also symbolic of openness and flexibility of the muscles and body. When it is blocked and energy levels are low, people feel confused and overly dependent on others. Often, people feel frustrated and have a lack of motivation. There may also be physical signs of swelling and low hormone levels. This chakra is also the area that affects the lymphatic system, large intestine, bladder, pelvis, and female reproductive organs. Any issues with this area can be healed with this chakra. The recommended color for this stone or crystal is a dark orange. This stone should be placed two inches below the navel.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra represents individual power and personal abilities. This chakra promotes personal and professional success. When this chakra is open, the person releases the need to control their surroundings. It leaves them open to new ideas, emotions and happiness. When blocked, people feel fearful and lack self-confidence. It may also be difficult to experience emotions. This area also affects the digestive system. The area for this chakra is two inches above the navel. Using a yellow stone or crystal is beneficial for this chakra.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is representative of air elements in the body. This chakra has the most influence on professional and personal relationships. When the energy is flowing through this chakra, people have the ability to feel love and forgiveness. It also provides the ability to sustain balance in relationships. If energy is blocked in this area, people can feel stressed, anxious, jealous, and bitter. It can also affect the blood pressure and heart rate. Cysts and lumps in the breasts are also a result of this blockage. A green or pink stone is recommended for this area. This should be placed directly on the breastbone.

The Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is representative of one’s true inner voice. IT provides the ability to communicate with others in a spiritual manner. This includes the ability to listen and empathize with those around. When flowing this chakra enables a person to better express themselves and be comfortable in who they are. When energy is low in this area, people may have difficulties expressing themselves in a positive manner. They may also feel isolated. Physically, this chakra affects the mouth, teeth, gums, throat, and nasal passages. The proper placement of this crystal should be on the larynx. The stone best for this healing is blue.

The Third Eye Chakra

The Third Eye Chakra represents one’s thoughts, knowledge, and logic. Those who have a clear and flowing Third Eye Chakra are more balanced and lack fear of death or troubles. Some may experience a powerful intuition or even telepathic abilities. It also provides the ability to understand others and remain focused. When this area is blocked, it can cause difficulties thinking clearly. It can also cause a stiff neck or issues with the pineal and pituitary glands. The best stone for clearing this chakra is one of an indigo color. This stone or crystal should be placed directly on the forehead right between the eyes.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra represents the element of light. It is associated with many parts of the body. This includes the brain, hand, and nervous system. This chakra provides the ability for individuals to transcend the normal laws of the physical world. It can heighten spiritual abilities and provides the ability to become aware of death and immortality. This chakra is where miracles are created. When this area is blocked, people feel clumsy and uninspired. It can also lead people to feel empty and unsure of the meaning of their existence. A clear or purple stone is best for this chakra. This stone should be placed above the head.

When placing the stones or crystals to help heal your chakras, it is important to be in a good place that allows peace and harmony. Creating a sacred space for all meditation can be key to properly connecting with your intentions. Staying focused on the desired results is very important to remove any blockages in the energy of each chakra.


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