10 ways to ace the move to your new home

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Moving into your new dream house is one of the biggest achievements of your life. You can celebrate this occasion with your friends and family members. But all this euphoria is a result of relentless efforts and stress-filled struggle. From arranging finances to searching your dream house and then to moving into the new space, you have come a long way. This is why they say that moving house can be a stressful time. It’s time now to the hassle-free life and leave behind the un-scrubbed baseboards and outstanding maintenance chores. The below-mentioned 10 tips will further make your transformation a rewarding journey.

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1.Change the Locks

When anyone moves into new house, the first major concern is the safety of the family. It is always recommended to change the locks of your new house instantly. Because,someone running around with your front door key could pose a serious threat to your family as well as your belongings. It’s a natural step to change the locks of home right away. Once you have new locks installed in all the entry and exit points of your house, you can sleep with an ease and peace in mind.

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2. Update Your Address

Once you make the move to your new house, you should update your address. It’s not just updating the mailing address but updating the USPS’s as well so that you don’t miss anything which is really important to you. Moreover, you should also make sure to update the address on subscription accounts, credit cards, etc.

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3. Check for Leaks

Accept the fact that, the home inspector would assure you that everything in the home is in perfect working condition. Don’t sit idle and check all the leaks of the home, which might annoy you later if you didn’t pay heed to them in the first go. Once you get them checked, you can have the peace of mind. Check your water meter as well when you don’t have utilized the water yet. Before you move in, check every two hours whether your water meter reading is right or someone else is using the water. If reading is not exactly for what you are looking for, then this might be a plumbing leak. That’s how you will be aware of the pipe’s condition. You already know everyone’s is routine out in the family. You should work on this right away because in a new house, it would be hard to spend even two hours without water.

10 ways to ace the move to your new home

4. Change the Toilet Seats

Toilets are an important area of a house and they should always be in a great working condition to serve the purpose. You may start with swapping the toilet seats. This would make you feel at home. This will also save you from the thoughts of what happened in the toilet before your emergence. You can also choose the toilet seats which are detachable. It will give you a hassle-free life from cleaning and scrubbing.

5. Check Carbon Monoxide Detectors and Smoke Alarms

As mentioned above, don’t spend even a single night without checking the safeguard arrangements. It is advised to install detectors and alarms at the right places to guard you and your family members against the hazards of any untoward incident, including a fire-related or a burglary incident. If the detectors and alarms are already installed, don’t forget to check if they are working properly.

6. Find Your Breaker Box

It’s really important to shutoff the gas and water valves before completing the move. Finding the breaker is crucial because you will be saved when suddenly pipe bursts out and your floor gets gushing with water. In such occurrences, you would only be finding the breaker box.

7. Clean the Closets and Cabinets

Wipe down each and everything before you unload anything, i.e. clothes and dishwasher. It’s not a time-taking process but it can be onerous if you delay because unloading everything off in one intake is really difficult.

8. Tackle Maintenance Tasks

You never know how your dream house was maintained before. Just to make sure, you should vacuum out the coils behind and underneath the fridge. Coils might be clogged with hair and dust. Your fridge would not work properly due to heat caused by the clogged coils. Check the air filters, clear out the sediments from the water heater. Your maintenance calendar would get easier for remembering all the miscellaneous dates.

9. How to Set Up a Moving Budget

Moving budget is as important as other things. Majority of the people even don’t think about it but moving budget matters a lot. Setting up the budget wisely would not only save your money but your time as well. Make sure the budget is affordable so that you should not feel any difficulty.

10 ways to ace the move to your new home

10. Update Your Information

The last but not the least, update your friends and family about your move so that they shouldn’t face any difficulty while contacting or reaching you. Moreover, it is also important to update your business and office about your new address as well.


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